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Find love at first sight in a shelter! 07/03/2020

On June 30, the longest-running campaign of the Animal Friends Croatia "Family to the Seaside, Dog to the Street?!" celebrates coming of age. For that reason, AFC published billboards in major Croatian cities. In striking visuals, Ingrid Divković and Luka Budak, a couple who found love thanks to the popular show "Marriage at first sight", call for the adoption of abandoned animals instead of purchase with the slogan "Find love at first sight in a shelter!". In front of the lens of the award-winning photographer Mare Milin, who saves animals herself, cute dog Betty and cuddly cat Nixa pose with them, waiting for someone to fall in love with them and give them forever home. "When it comes to animals, love must come first", they both agree, but they point out that love should last for the rest of their lives, regardless of all the obstacles and difficulties that life brings. "Roadtrips, relocations, skiing, or going to vacation must not be an excuse for anyone to abandon animals. They are not objects, but beautiful beings who give a special meaning to our lives and with whom we can experience a lot of joy ", conclude Ingrid and Luka.

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