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Dear friends,

As year comes to an end, there is still the opportunity to become a proud member of Animal Friends if you haven’t done it already. It takes less than a minute to fill out the application and to make something better and more for the animals. :)

At the same time we invite everyone to support us by making the membership payment for the year 2015 (120 kn - 10 kn per month) and to make donations of your choice and possibility.

The novelty is that you can finally re-pay the membership fee and donation online with the card as also through PayPal and payments to IBAN: HR2023600001101531137.

Although the discounts for members list surpassed one hundred and it’s useful to have Animal Friends membership card, let your reason for support be helping animals and spreading of sustainable living and to keep struggling for the welfare of animals and people with all our effort.

Be part of the change and find out how you can help.

We thank you most heartily

Your Animal Friends

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