Impressions of chinchilla adopters

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When I saw chinchillas being adopted, I thought to myself: “Why not?“
I was counting the hours and minutes before I went to pick up my two furballs, Shilla and Dalia.
The moment I took Dalia in my arms simply cannot be described. One must live it. Love at first sight, happiness, excitement - and then a slap of reality!
Dalia has spent seven long years in a inhumane cage in terrible conditions, and for whom?!? Why?!? Because of the inhuman being who bred those innocent animals for their fur. Tears just flowed. I felt an excruciating, tremendous pain. And this is why I try each and every day to make up for all the harm they have experienced.
Each day is filled with love, we play and cuddle all the time, and Shilla and Dalia have a huge cage where they can finally jump with joy.
- adopter Margarita Lucic

For me, adoption was a beautiful experience. I'm so attached to them I can't even remember how my life was without them. There is no better feeling than when I see those two little hairballs becoming more relaxed by the day and trusting people more and more.
- Sestak family

We're very happy you have chosen us to be the adopters and that Tufahija and Baklava came to our home After coming as terrified creatures, it's great to see how they've transformed into true little curious explorers. We do our best to make them forget about their unhappy start of life they had and continue to live peacefully and happily as our family members. Once again, we thank Animal Friends for giving us the opportunity to do so.
- adopters Suncica, Nikola and Monika

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