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"Fur is green" is greenwash

Stop Testing on Animals

Demand That The Memphis Animal Shelter Cease To Practice Euthanasia On Live Animals

Save the Saimaa ringed seal from extinction!

Save the Rhinos!

Ban Live Export

Trieste says NO to Animal Research Facility

Save Yupi the Polar Bear

Tell To Permanently Ban The Sale Of Whale, Dolphin, and Porpoise Meat

Free the Spanish 12

Petition for building a shelter for abandoned animals in Pazin, Istria

China: Don't Support Bear Bile Farms!

Creating animal welfare laws in Russia

Against Equestrian Sport

FireBull - Stop the Burning of Live Bulls

Replace Animal Testing in Europe

Stop Australia's Wildlife Slaughter

Protect wild horses in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Kangaroos Heading for Extinction Petition

Protest against the massacre of stray animals in Bulgaria

The Horror of Greenland Sled Dogs

Stop the dolphin and whale killings in Taiji

SPCA condones the eating of animals to raise funds for animal welfare

Argentine Street Dogs Beign Slaughtered for the Sake of Tourism

Ban Fireworks - Ban the Bang Campaign!

Polar bears



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