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With your help, the national campaign "For Croatia without Fur" can become huge and comprehensive and will, among many other projects and individual actions, include programs of direct public education of citizens. This campaign will be conducted during the following years with the aim of creating a clear opinion of Croatia's public about the unacceptability of promotion and wearing of fur.

A change in public opinion will eventually lead to relevant legal changes which will ban farming animals for fur, import of fur and fur products and their sale in stores. To achieve all this, we need your help.

The actions and projects that comprise this campaign and their long-term realization will require certain funds, which we will not be able to raise without your help. With your donation you can help us make this campaign not only a long-lasting but also effective. With your donation you can ensure that in the future animals in Croatia will no longer be killed for their fur!

Your support will be greatly appreciated!

More information about the "For Croatia without Fur" campaign is available in the campaign chronology.

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