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Four paws calls for ban on tiger trade 05/06/2020

The tiger is an endangered species. The world has already lost over 90 percent of its tigers, with only 3,900 tigers remaining in the wild. This dramatic decline is a result of the relentless demand for tigers being traded for their parts, but also for displaying commercially. With so few tigers, there simply should not be a trade in these animals or their products - neither wild tigers, nor captive tigers. Legal trafficking facilitates illegal trade and causes a real threat to the wild tiger population. It is shocking that captive tigers born in Europe can still be traded for commercial purposes such as circuses or for private keeping and for photographs. In some European countries, you can even rent a tiger for private entertainment. There is no clear overview of tiger numbers and trade in Europe; no one knows how many tigers are currently stored in Europe, where they moved during their lives, or how they are used for entertainment purposes or where they died. Call on the European Commission to ban commercial trade in tigers. Sign the petition now!

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