Kolinje - Remains of the Dark Age

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Kolinje - Croatian custom of slaughtering of animals on homesteads, results with hundreds of thousands of bloody yards and thousands of cases of Trichinellosis disease every year.

Even though such cruel and primitive, and above all non-hygienic, practice is banned in the European Union which Croatia is trying to join, the Croatian Government is trying to preserve this custom.

Animal Friends want the Croatian Government to ban the slaughter of animals on homesteads and to change the disgraceful Animal Welfare Act.

We made a proposal for a new Animal Welfare Act in which, among other activities, the kolinje - cruel private parties of animal slaughters - is banned.

Look the short film that shows the way the animals are traditionally slaughtered in Croatia, and appeal the Croatian Government to support the change of Animal Welfare Act and ban the slaughter on homesteads.

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