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04/28/2020 Animals suffer in isolation all their lives

In this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone has a hard time with restrictions on freedom and social distancing. However, even though people are in isolation, they have an apartment or even a house with a yard, television, books, cellphone, and other entertainment, and still find it difficult. Animal Friends Croatia notes that countless animals have it far worse; they are bored in the same small, uniform space, without the ability to move freely and enjoy themselves, they are locked in the cages, without grass under their feet or sun rays on their face. This is how they spend their entire lives because people use them for food, clothing, experiments, or fun. At industrial farms, animals suffer a great deal of stress, they are accumulated in large numbers in small space, without the possibility of normal movement. Zoo animals spend years in a cramped artificial environment, with very little opportunity for mental stimulation or physical activity, which makes their lives monotonous and sad, and animals suffer from depression, boredom, and psychosis. Going vegan and boycotting zoos and similar places is the least we can do to show sympathy for other specie.

04/24/2020 World Day for Animals in Laboratories

The Coronavirus has become pandemic in just a few weeks, and so far nearly 200,000 people have died from it worldwide. To mark World Day for Animals in Laboratories on April 24, the Animal Friends Croatia, a member of the European Coalition to Stop Animal Experiments, reminded everyone that rapid vaccine development will not be achieved through testing on animals. Experiments on animals are not only cruel and expensive, but they are mostly inapplicable to humans, thus we should divert time and resources to better, cruelty-free methods. AFC hopes that researchers will understand that models relevant to people should be promoted and funded if we are to produce fast and effective results.

04/20/2020 Online presentation organized for Earth Day

Animal Friends Croatia celebrates the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22, 2020, at 6 pm with an online presentation hosted by Nikolina Plenar Jelicic, a longtime vegan, activist and volunteer at AFC, on their Facebook page. She will explain how devastating the effects of breeding animals for food on the health of the planet and humans are. Namely, as humans, we are not sufficiently aware of the fact that precisely animal products, namely meat, eggs, and milk, have a bad effect on the overall wellbeing of the planet. Even all the traffic in the world is not as devastating to the environment as animal agriculture. Therefore, they invite everyone to mark Earth Day by taking the time to attend to Nikola Plenar Jelicic presentation, learn about the benefits of a vegan diet, and visit for a Vege Challenge application.


04/14/2020 NOVID-50 group against intensive animal use

The NOVID-50 group started with a team of 20 people who tried to come up with a solution to the COVID-19 crisis at the Global Hack - an online event where teams around the world find work solutions in 48 hours. NOVID-50 deals with the cause of pandemics caused by animal-borne diseases: intensive animal use. This created environments where viruses such as COVID-19 (but also swine flu, bird flu, and others) could spread from animals to humans. They call on the United Nations to come up with a strategy to end industrial animal farms, livestock markets, and all animal exploitation. Their ambitious goal is to collect 1,000,000 signatures in 24 hours. You can sign the petition here.


04/08/2020 Plant based eggs for compassionate Easter

Animal Friends Croatia call for compassion and celebration of life with traditional plant-based Easter dishes. They state that it is possible to have Easter without eggs and meat, buying rabbits and chickens, having wooden instead of chicken eggs for decoration. Apart from the fact that they are cruelty-free, it takes 98 percent less water to produce a vegan egg, and it emits 93 percent less carbon dioxide than animal protein production. There is no social distancing for animals, heavily stocked on farms. If they get a contagious disease, people immediately kill them. Easter without eating eggs, ham, lamb and other meat is quite possible. Today, one does not need to be particularly adept in the kitchen to make vegan tasty and healthier equivalents of egg dishes such as pancakes, bread mixes, creamy cakes, mayonnaise, and scrambled eggs. Tradition can be compassionate so let's celebrate Easter in such a way.

04/06/2020 Information on all abandoned animals in one place

The Animal Friends Croatia reports that the Unified Information Center for Lost and Abandoned Animals, established at the Pet Registry maintained by the Ministry of Agriculture, is finally functioning. The AFC says that the establishment of the UIC has finally created a unique database of abandoned animals from all shelters in the Republic of Croatia. They stressed that because of the new coronavirus situation, it is now more important than ever that all animals waiting for their home in shelters can be found in one place, visible to all so that they can choose to adopt an abandoned dog or cat instead of buying them. They invite everyone to visit the Uniform Information Center for Abandoned and Lost Animals and to select the dog or cat they wish to adopt.

04/03/2020 World Aquatic Animal Day

Today, on April 3, we mark World Aquatic Animal Day for the first time. The event is a project of the Aquatic Animal Law Initiative and the Animal Law Clinic at Lewis & Clark Law School. Aquatic animals play a crucial role in our ecosystem. They are important not only as a group, but are also valuable and interesting individual beings with intrinsic value. By aquatic animals we mean not only fish but also countless other animals that live most of their lives in water: amphibians, marine mammals, crustaceans, certain reptiles, molluscs, water birds, aquatic insects, starfish and corals. Despite their importance, aquatic animals around the world are exploited and abused and face many different threats. By marking this day, we raise awareness of the problems they face. We must also consider our interactions with aquatic animals, our treatment of them, and the often-devastating impacts we are having on them and their habitats. (

04/01/2020 The first International online rally for animal rights on April, 2

Our planet has been quarantined, but the cruelty and exploitation of animals continue. We are convinced that global challenges must become a lesson and change the behavior of society. People should finally realize that animals are not resource, slaves, or an entertainment tool. During quarantine, we cannot gather thousands of people in the central squares of their cities and countries. That is why, for the first time, the International online rally for animal rights will be held tomorrow, April 2. For more information, see here.

The number of news found: 8.

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