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11/23/2022 Blood is not fashion

In cooperation with the Kontra agency, Animal Friends Croatia has placed a number of billboards around the country, picturing illustrated fur coats dripping with blood. The “Blood is Not Fashion“ motto adds further emphasis to the awe-inspiring visual display. The action is an integral part of the public campaign to collect signatures for the European Citizens' Initiative for Fur-Free Europe HERE. The initiative was launched by the international Fur Free Alliance coalition in cooperation with European animal protection groups, including Animal Friends Croatia and Eurogroup for Animals. Animal Friends Croatia emphasizes that fur farming uses enormous amounts of precious natural resources and water. The fur industry is not only treating animals inhumanely for the sake of a product that no one needs, but it has also proven to be fertile ground for the spread of infectious diseases, such as COVID-19.

11/10/2022 The municipality of Pribislavec is the first in Croatia to go a step further in animal protection

At the 9th session of the Pribislavec municipality council, which took place on July 12, the Decision on the conditions and manner of keeping pets was voted, which for the first time prescribes specific and detailed conditions that must be met by dog guardians. In addition to the complete prohibition of keeping dogs on a leash, it is also prescribed that if the dog is kept in the yard, the entire area or part of the area of at least 30 m2 per dog must be fenced in a way that will prevent the dog from going out into the public area without a leash and supervision. Part of this area must be protected from the sun and other weather conditions, and the area where the house is located must be concreted so that the dog does not get wet after the rain. Permanent sterilization and many other positive provisions are also prescribed. Animal Friends Croatia welcomes the act of the municipality and believes that this should be prescribed at the state level as well.

11/03/2022 Croatia in Vegan Colors

On the occasion of World Vegan Day, marked on November 1st, Animal Friends Croatia placed as many as 100 vegan flags in 10 Croatian cities. This year, besides Zagreb, Opatija, Pula, Čakovec, Krapina, Samobor and Makarska, vegan flags were flying for seven days on masts of Vukovar, Zadar and Slavonski Brod. Vegan colors lighted up the Meštrović Pavilion and the fountains in front of the National and University Library in Zagreb. „We are grateful to the cities who have acknowledged the importance of the vegan movement for the preservation of the planet, people and animals and believe that next year even more cities will join in this way in celebrating World Vegan Day”, Animal Friends Croatia point out and note that this is an important project for Croatia. They explain that their wish is that the message of compassion reaches as many people as possible and are convinced that vegan flags will for many evoke a wish for a positive change for people and the environment, as well as change the perception of our relationship towards animals.

The number of news found: 3.

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