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07/26/2023 First Dubrovnik Steps Towards Registered Animal Shelter

Last Summer began the project Adopt Žarkovica Dogs to take care of more than 260 dogs from the unregistered shelter in Žarkovica. After two decades a large number of dogs, were taken for care by associations and are now in temporary or permanent living conditions. After an entire year after the project management was taken over by a long-time volunteer Ana Ivelja, this month the councilmen of the city of Dubrovnik have accepted her nomination as a temporary director of the Public Institution of the Shelter for Abandoned Animals in Grabovica. „After the start of works on the future asylum, the establishment of the public institution also followed, which means that we are one step from the first registered abandoned animal shelter in Dubrovačko-Neretvanska County! After completion of the construction follows the registration and working start of the shelter”, Ivelja declares.

07/25/2023 Fifteenth ZeGeVege Festival

Animal Friends Croatia invites all to come for a stroll around Zagreb’s Europe Square on September 1 and 2, from 9 am, and visit numerous stalls by manufacturers and suppliers of plant-based food and cruelty-free cosmetics. Visitors will also have an opportunity to taste delicious vegan dishes offered by a variety of restaurants at the 15th ZeGeVege Festival of sustainable living – including burgers, hot dogs, bolognese and other classic but also exotic specialties, as well as raw cakes, ice cream and cold kombucha.

07/19/2023 Denmark agrees to phase out fast-growing broiler chickens

The Danish government and key Danish political parties have agreed to phase out the state procurement of fast-growing chickens and vowed to back a ban on the farming of fast-growing broilers at EU level. This landmark move will significantly improve the welfare of the nation’s broiler chickens. Fast-growing broilers cannot live a good life, as due to their fast-growing nature, they suffer from a range of problems from the moment they are born - from injuries to lameness and heart issues. For this reason, animal protection NGOs across Europe have been campaigning for years to outlaw fast-growing broiler breeds in the EU’s animal welfare legislation. (

The number of news found: 3.

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