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12/22/2020 Let's help the animals in the shelters!

Animal Friends Croatia has been warning for years that many shelters in Croatia do not have transparency and traceability, nor are they open to citizens and volunteers, which needs to be changed urgently. Animals in shelters suffer and that is why AFC calls on everyone to choose adoption instead of buying animals because that is the only way all shelters in Croatia can become empty. AFC warns that the reason for the shelter’s existence is irresponsible citizens who don't neuter their pets in the first place and who abandon the animals they are supposed to take care of. Shelters must have the highest standards and care for animals because they already suffer because of humans. People need to understand that shelters should be only their short-term temporary homes. Therefore, they urge everyone not to buy animals, but to adopt a dog or cat and thus help empty the shelters.

12/18/2020 Firecrackers finally banned!

Animal Friends Croatia, which has been intensively lobbying for a ban on firecrackers for years, welcomed today's vote on the Final Bill on Amendments to the Law on Explosive Substances and the Production and Trafficking of Weapons. At the second reading, members of parliament unanimously supported the ban on firecrackers of category F2 and F3. Unfortunately, amendments by which the use of other pyrotechnics from these categories would be allowed only between the 31st of December and the 1st of January were not accepted. "We are happy that, after eight years of campaigning to ban all types of firecrackers, today's vote in Parliament was a long-awaited historic moment for Croatia. We thank the Ministry of Internal Affairs and members of parliament who accepted the appeals of associations, the public, experts, and other institutions to stop the terror of firecrackers," said Luka Oman, president of AFC.

12/17/2020 Supermarkets Report 'Selling Out' Of Plant-Based Christmas Foods

Waitrose, Tesco and M&S report surges in vegan food sales, as grocery chains expand plant-based ranges. From so-called “veganettone” to sticky toffee pudding and even meat-free whole “no turkey” crowns, retailers and food manufacturers are pulling out all the stops to offer a dizzying range of plant-based options for the traditional Christmas spread. More than one in four Britons plan to eat more vegan food at Christmas this year. Tesco is tempting taste buds with a record 10 plant-based “centrepieces” – up from six last year – including its new Wicked Kitchen “no turkey roast crown”, which has already sold out online. Waitrose says pre-orders of vegan Christmas foods are up by 700% compared with last year while searches on for “vegan cheese” increased by 76% on the same period in 2019. Planet Organic’s buying director, said: “Countless Christmas vegan items are selling well, including dairy-free chocolate and cheese platters, Christmas cakes and wine; traditional items made to vegan recipes so nobody has to miss out. The seitan roast – an alternative to turkey – has recently sold out, as has the truffle and mushroom faux gras pate, but there will be more available at least a week before Christmas. (

12/15/2020 Meeting on finding a joint solution for animals in the Shelter Dumovec

Animal Friends Croatia was invited by the Mayor of the City of Zagreb Milan BandiŠ to a meeting on December 15, 2020 "on finding a joint solution for animals in the Shelter for abandoned animals in Dumovec." The meeting was attended as a representative of Animal Friends Croatia by lawyer Ivana Lunka, who is also the coordinator of the Animal Protection Network, which consists of more than 50 animal protection associations from Croatia. In order to help the city of Zagreb and its shelter, and primarily animals, Ivana Lunka handed over to Mayor BandiŠ and others present at the meeting proposals compiled by AFC in order to increase transparency in the shelter in Dumovec and to inform them about problems in many other shelters in Croatia.

12/10/2020 Online lectures on the occasion of the International Day of Animal Rights

 On the occasion of the International Animal Rights Day, which has been celebrated on December 10 for more than 20 years, Animal Friends Croatia is preparing a treat for everyone who wants to know why animal rights are important - two excellent lectures by Croatian experts! Boris Bakota, professor at the Faculty of Law in Osijek, will give a lecture "Rights or welfare of animals?" starting at 6 pm via AFC Facebook page and, starting at 8 p.m. Lidija Bakota, animal rights activist and assistant professor at the Department of Philology of the Faculty of Education in Osijek, will introduce us to a very common form of language discrimination embedded in the Croatian language in our daily communication in the lecture "I'm not stupid as a goose and I don't have a tongue long as a cows' tail".

12/02/2020 Slaughterhouse wants to "save" the escaped bull

As before in similar cases, the public last week showed solidarity with the young bull who escaped from the slaughterhouse in Slatina and wished for a happy ending to his story. However, many citizens contacted the Animal Friends Croatia, pointing out the hypocrisy of the Slatina factory, which even gave the bull a name, calling him "our brave Joza", stating that those who planned on slaughtering him just a few days ago, now wishes to save him! "Last year, almost 184,000 cattle were slaughtered in Croatia. The slaughterhouse's announcement that they want to save the bull sounds like the Nazis announcing that they want to save a runaway Jew. You can't portray the brutal slaughter of a sentient being as a warm family story and the executioners as saviors, ”Animal Friends said sharply. They state that slaughter is the most brutal act in the relationship of man to animals, which cannot be defended or justified.

The number of news found: 6.

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