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02/25/2020 End illegal bear keeping!

MEPs gathered at the Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals, which operates within the EU's leading animal welfare organization, Eurogroup for Animals, addressed a letter to Croatian Minister of Agriculture Marija Vuckovic in which they demand that the Ministry of Agriculture implement the currently-breached Animal Protection Act and end the illegal keeping of brown bears in Croatia. Two brown bears are still being held captive as a tourist attraction next to the Macola restaurant in Korenica, a facility that is not registered as a zoo or as a shelter and is therefore illegal. Animal Friends Croatia supports the appeal of the MEPs and demands the urgent relocation of remaining bears to shelters. They urge those responsible to immediately adopt a Bear Removal Decision so that this story does not spread and escalate.

02/13/2020 AFC presents: Fishside Story

Animal Friends Croatia presented the story of a fish from its perspective through interesting educational animations. The series consists of three animated films, with Animal Friends presenting the first two: "Fishside Story: Breakfast at Harolds'" and "Fishside Story: Fish from Wall Street." Educational films, each lasting 30 seconds, inform of a difficult and alarming situation of marine life today and indicate that we can help them in a very simple way. The depiction of Harold from a human perspective points to the similarities between fish and humans and needs that we all have in common: the need for food, shelter, intimacy, and safety and care for ourselves and our offspring. Animal Friends Croatia wants everyone to "empathize" with compassion and believe that many will identify with Harold and see that fish are sentient beings that deserve our compassion.

02/10/2020 Animal Protection Act is still not being implemented

52 organizations of the Animal Protection Network warned that the Animal Protection Act, which came into force more than two years ago, is still not implemented in much of Croatia. There are many obstacles to its implementation, but the greatest is complete disinterest, and often the refusal of a large part of cities and municipalities to deal with abandoned animals, although under the law it is within their jurisdiction. As sanctions for such behavior by the veterinary inspection are missing, many people think that the law does not apply to them. Nonetheless, Animal Protection Network considers that the biggest obstacle is that the microchipping of dogs has not been carried out and that there are no sanctions for leaving dogs and cats. They recall that cities and municipalities were required to carry out microchipping of dogs by June 30, 2018, with a fine of between $ 15,000 and $ 30,000 for abandoning the animal. However, this punishment is almost never imposed even though there are thousands of abandoned animals in Croatia.

The number of news found: 3.

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