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03/31/2020 Coronavirus Pandemic A 'Threat' To Great Apes, Scientists Warn

SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus responsible for the current pandemic, could be a 'threat' to great ape populations, including orangutans, chimpanzees, and gorillas, according to research from the journal Nature. The COVID-19 pandemic is a critical situation for humans, our health and our economies. It's also a potentially dire situation for great apes. There is a lot at stake for those in danger of extinction. Scientists have therefore urged governments, conservation practitioners, researchers, tourism professionals, and funding agencies to 'reduce the risk of introducing the virus into these endangered apes'. They recommend that great-ape tourism be suspended and field research reduced. (

03/27/2020 World Day for the end of Fishing

In Switzerland, 2017, the PEA - Pour l'Égalité Animale launched an international campaign called "World Day for the end of Fishing - WoDEF" which is now used by associations all around the world to raise awareness about aquatic life, among the public as well as within other animal-rights associations. Fish, crustaceans, and cephalopods are at the heart of WoDEF's concerns since they constitute the biggest proportion of animals killed by humans, amounting to thousands of billions of victims each year. Therefore, the Animal Friends Croatia calls on everyone to mark WoDEF on 28 March and calls for the abolition of fishing and fish farming around the world.

03/25/2020 Importance of plant-based nutrition

During this time when the most important tool in protecting our health is motto #StayHome, we need to emphasize the importance of plant-based nutrition. Fruits, vegetables, legumes and other foods of plant origin raise immunity and empower our body to protect against viruses and to recover more easily and quickly in the event of disease. We must show responsibility and care for one another by following the prescribed safeguards and protecting our health through a vegan diet.

03/18/2020 Dogs and cats do not transmit coronavirus, don't abandon them

52 associations of the Animal Protection Network that take care of a large number of abandoned animals everyday state that the World Health Organization has made it clear that dogs and cats cannot contract the new coronavirus COVID-19 and that they cannot infect humans with this virus, which was also stated by Croatian Ministry of Agriculture. Therefore, they urge all pet caregivers not to abandon their dogs and cats, but to listen to the experts and behave responsibly towards the animals they care for.

The number of news found: 4.

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