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08/28/2020 AFC celebrate World Day for the end of speciesism

Animal Friends Croatia is calling for the celebration of World Day for the end of speciesism, which is celebrated on August 29. Everyone who cares about animals being deprived of their basic rights and ending discrimination based on species is invited to mark this International Day with photos of animals and messages that they can design themselves and share on social media with the hashtag #ForTheEndOfSpeciesism. In addition to activities on their Facebook page, Animal Friends will set up an educational stand on Ban Jelacic Square in Zagreb, where they can learn how to prevent and completely avoid specism by choosing veganism as a way of life.

08/26/2020 ZeGeVege Festival canceled

Animal Friends Croatia, the organizer of the popular ZeGeVege festival to be held on September 11 and 12, 2020, canceled this much-loved two-day festival of sustainable living due to its inability to meet anti-epidemic measures. AFC announces that on the days scheduled for ZeGeVege in the same place, Zagreb's Ban Jelačić Square, all lovers of animal rights, vegan diet, clean planet, and a healthy mind and body will be treated to a surprise. "Due to the continuing worsening of the epidemiological situation and after consulting with the Civil Protection Headquarters, we concluded that, even with the best will, it is physically impossible to ensure compliance with all epidemiological measures to ensure that ZeGeVege is completely safe for a large number of participants. So we had to make a difficult decision that this year's ZeGeVege festival, unfortunately, will not take place," said Animal Friends. 

08/25/2020 2 beluga whales rescued from captivity

Two belugas will soon be swimming freely in the ocean for the first time in nearly ten years. After their rescue from a Chinese aquarium, the whales now live in an open water sanctuary. The 12-year-old belugas—named Little Grey and Little White—were originally taken from a Russian research center in 2011. They were moved to Chengfent Ocean World in Shanghai, where they performed tricks for entertainment. Sea Life Trust, a UK-based non-profit working to protect marine mammals in captivity, rescued the whales. The charity transported the animals 6,000 miles to their new home at the Beluga Whale Sanctuary, in Klettsvik Bay off the south coast of Iceland. After being in captivity, the whales must acclimate to their new, more natural environment. Iceland’s Arctic water is also colder than what the belugas experienced in China. As a result, the whales must increase their calorie intake in order to gain more weight. In a statement, the head of Sea Life Trust, Andy Bool, said the whales are safely residing in sea sanctuary pools. “[They] are just one step away from being released into their wider open-water home,” Bool said. (

08/24/2020 Animal Friends Croatia celebrated World Plant Milk Day

August 22 is marked as World Plant Milk Day. "The goal is to invite citizens to try something new on this day and learn all about the positive impact of plant-based milk, cheese and cream on health, the environment, and human attitudes towards animals," said the AFC. They'd invited everyone to mark World Plant Milk Day with them and visit them on Saturday in Zagreb's main square from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., where various types and versions of plant milk types and vegan cakes could be tested. Those who could not come were invited to find numerous variations of everyone’s favorite plant-based drinks in stores. In addition to their stand, AFC also prepared a game for passers-by in which everyone who participated had a good time.

08/17/2020 Free database of non-animal technologies

German organization Doctors Against Animal Experiments (DAAE) has launched a free database of non-animal technologies at The NAT database provides insight into animal-free research technologies from all parts of the world, contains 250 entries so far about animal-free methods, and will be constantly updated. Research areas such as oncology, toxicology, or drug development or research models can be searched, e.g. organ-on-a-chip, 3D bioprinting, or computer models. It was developed by Dr. Tamara Zietek, DAAE Scientific Coordinator, and Head of IT Department Julia Preller. "Many still think that animal experiments are reliable and necessary. This, however, is not true and we must convince scientists, legislators, and politicians of the benefits of animal-free research over animal experiments. In order to move towards animal-free research, it is extremely important to support innovative methods without the use of animals, ”said Dr. Zietek.

08/10/2020 ZeGeVege 2020 will take place on September 11th and 12th

Lots of fun, great vegan food, vegan products and other interesting things at the ZeGeVege festival will be available for the 13th time at Zagreb's Ban Jelačić Square, and this year it will be held on September 11 and 12 (Friday from 8 am to 9 pm and Saturday from 8 am to 8 pm). Many were looking forward to the announcement of this year's Veganmania and with its restaurants, stalls, tastings, promotional sales, lectures and workshops. We invite you to spread the good news and do not miss the long-awaited positive atmosphere of the great ZeGeVege festival.

The number of news found: 6.

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