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09/29/2020 World Vegetarian Day

On the occasion of the World Vegetarian Day on October 1, the Animal Friends Croatia states that every year thousands of people opt for a more socially responsible lifestyle. They care about the environment and the climate, they want to end cruelty to animals and they want to live a healthier life and in harmony with nature. "Given that more than 70 billion animals are raised and slaughtered annually in the world for human consumption, World Vegetarian Day is a great opportunity to switch to a diet of plant-based foods. Absolutely everyone will benefit from it - animals, the environment, and people ", says AFC.

09/25/2020 World Rabies Day

On the occasion of World Rabies Day, which is celebrated on September 28, Animal Friends Croata warns that a large number of dogs have still never been vaccinated, although vaccination against rabies is mandatory as well as microchipping. The 2017 Animal Welfare Act stipulates that cities and municipalities must visit all households and check that all dogs are microchipped. According to available data from the Animal Protection Network, there are up to 20 percent of unmarked and unvaccinated dogs in Croatia, which is devastating. On the other hand, dog caregivers who conscientiously vaccinate their dogs do so every year as required by regulations, although according to the vaccine manufacturer’s recommendation dogs should only be vaccinated the first two times each year, and then as vaccine manufacturers state. So while some vaccinate their dogs excessively, others have never even taken their dog to the vet doing great harm to both humans and animals.

The number of news found: 2.

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