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11/30/2021 More than 35 million HRK was spent due to irresponsibility

The Animal Friends Association made an analysis of the implementation of the Animal Protection Act in 2020 in Croatia. They emphasize that this is the first thorough and relevant research, given that the data covered more than 97% of local governments, and they are responsible for the care of abandoned animals in their area. They also point out that the cause of abandoned animals is the irresponsibility of individuals, which must be adequately sanctioned. The obtained data confirm the experiences of animal shelters, which continue to take care of a large number of abandoned animals. In almost half of the territory of Croatia, there is a lack of thorough implementation of dog microchipping control by visiting each household, although this legal obligation should have been implemented by June 2018. Also, more than half of local communities did not prescribe permanent sterilization of dogs and cats, with exceptions, although this effective and preventive measure directly affects the control of the population of abandoned animals. In addition, 75% of cities and municipalities do not finance or subsidize the neutering of pets and stray cats, despite the fact that up to 10 castrations can be paid for the cost of caring for each abandoned animal. More than 16% of local self-government units do not have a contract with a shelter for animals, which is devastating.

11/23/2021 More than 10,000 signatures in a week for stricter punishment of abusers!

Animal Friends launched a petition this month demanding that the act of abandoning animals be treated as a criminal offense and sanctioned with a prison sentence. They demand that the amendments to the Criminal Law also increase the penalties for the criminal offenses of killing or torturing animals. "In just one week, more than 10,000 citizens signed the petition, saying that they were tired of not sanctioning the irresponsibility of individuals and inadequately punishing animal abusers," said Animal Friends, urging everyone who has not yet to sign the petition.

11/12/2021 Climate March in Zagreb

On the occasion of the last day of the COP26 conference in Glasgow, where countries around the world decide on their climate policies that will determine the further course of the global climate crisis, the Fridays For Future Croatia movement and the Extinction Rebellion Zagreb, part of the global movement to protect life on Earth, are organizing The Climate March. The march will take place on Friday, November 12, 2021 in Zagreb, starting at 6 pm, and the gathering has been announced at the Croatian National Theater. The procession will, in accordance with epidemiological measures, move along the route from the Croatian National Theater through Frankopanska Street, Ilica, Ban Jelačić Square to Zrinjevac. The March also received great support from the Animal Friends Association, which is well aware of the fact that raising and killing animals for food is exactly what kills our planet the most.

11/03/2021 Meat-eaters are main cause of species extinction

More evidence of the tremendous negative environmental impact of animal agriculture emerged recently. A new study shows that livestock production is "likely the leading cause of modern species extinctions". This comes as no surprise to those who are already aware of the devastating effect livestock has on land-use, water-use, and greenhouse gas emissions. These impacts are only set to increase as population increases and global meat consumption continues to rise. The implications of this study are clear: eating animal products doesn't just impact the animals you eat, it has a huge negative effect on all life on earth. (

The number of news found: 4.

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