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12/31/2021 A Calf Escaped A New York Slaughterhouse

A young calf that escaped from a slaughterhouse in Queens, New York, has been rescued by an animal sanctuary. Believed to be just nine months old, the Hereford cow escaped death when she ran away from slaughter. Now, she resides at Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue alongside more than 450 other residents including 93 cows. The “beautiful” calf has since been named Stacy and the sanctuary says she is now “forever safe.”  Staff at the sanctuary have been posting regular updates on how Stacy is doing. This comes after police and rangers’ posts of the escape having gathered social media attention. With her quarantine now over, Stacy got to play with some of the other young calves this week. According to the sanctuary, all animals get “exactly what they need” with the space to run and live “unencumbered by the threat of harm.” (

12/29/2021 Starbucks Finally Drops Vegan Milk Upcharge

For the first time, Starbucks UK has pledged to stop charging extra for dairy-free milk. It comes just weeks after an attention-grabbing campaign highlighted various issues linked with the vegan upcharge. Further, the world’s largest coffee chain is ringing in the new year with several new plant-based food options, including its first vegan tuna alternative. In a press release published today, Starbucks announced that from January 5, 2022, it will no longer charge extra for any of its dairy alternatives. This applies to all of the coffee chain’s 1,020 stores in the UK. The company currently offers five plant milks: oat, soya, almond, coconut, and its exclusive Starbucks Original Nut Blend. The new menu additions are available from January 5, 2022, for a limited time. Dairy-free milk will no longer cost extra from January 5, 2022, at any Starbucks store in the UK. (


in Italy, animals will no longer be bred to obtain fur. Over 60,000 minks were killed every year in Italy for the "value" of their fur. But from 1st January 2022 this cruelty will never be repeated.  "Italy is a more civilized country, we have put an end to a cruel, anachronistic, unjustifiable industry that has no more reason to exist in a civil society where the value of respect for animals, as sentient beings, is always more widespread and rooted”, said Simone Pavesi, Animal Free Fashion Area Manager. "With the #EmergenzaVisoni campaign started in 2020 after the discovery of the first outbreak in a Dutch mink farm, we have reached an important milestone: the temporary suspension of the farms until 31st December 2021; a provision which avoided the birth of 40.000 minks otherwise destined to become furs and which significantly reduced the risk of the formation of new outbreaks after those already intercepted in 2 Italian farms. After the denunciation, a new campaign was launched in October precisely to change that temporary breeding ban into a definitive farming ban!", state Animal Free Fashion Area. (

12/21/2021 Gucci And Louis Vuitton Leather Linked To Barbaric Lizard And Snake Slaughter

A newly released PETA Asia investigation has uncovered brutal slaughter methods and animal welfare violations within the snake and lizard leather trade. The animal rights group investigated slaughterhouses supplying leather to Gucci and LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, aka LVMH. The latter has a lengthy list of subsidiaries, including Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Christian Dior, and Marc Jacobs. Investigators discovered that workers at LVMH-supplying facilities forced hoses down the throats of pythons to inflate them with water. This allegedly makes it easier to skin them, PETA reports. Workers hit the snakes repeatedly on the head with a hammer, sliced them open with razor blades, and disembowelled them while they were “likely still conscious,” the charity says. At a Gucci-supplying slaughterhouse, workers reportedly held conscious lizards underwater while they flailed, before beheading them. Some lizards were struck up to 14 times with a machete before they were fully decapitated. In response to the findings, PETA is urging LVMH and Kering – which owns Gucci – to ban exotic animal skins altogether. (

12/16/2021 European Commission is asking the public on animal welfare legislation

In the upcoming year, the European Commission is putting most of the laws and regulations concerning animal welfare through a thorough fitness check. They will evaluate whether the legal framework is still adequately protecting the animals in the European Union. As part of this longer process, the European Commission has launched a Public Consultation to give all European residents the chance to share their opinions and priorities. By participating and filling out the questionnaire, citizens can help provide a kinder and safer future for all animals in Europe. The video helps to fill out the form which can be filled out here. (

12/14/2021 A Third Of Brits Want To Go Vegan Next Year

The vegan movement appears to be picking up pace in the United Kingdom. In fact, a third of Brits want to adopt a plant-based diet in the new year, a survey has shown. Vegan dairy brand Nurishh commissioned the study, which included 2,000 adults, The Sun reports. Half of those keen to make the change have the planet’s interests at heart. Meanwhile, 53 percent believe plant-based diets are the healthier option. Forty-three percent of the veg-curious respondents say eating meat is unnecessary, while 30 percent want to try something new. And nearly a quarter think going vegan will boost their online following. The results echo previous findings relating to the UK’s shifting eating habits. In September, reports emerged that 30 percent of Brits are now eating less or no meat at all. The same month, it was revealed that nearly 60 percent of kids in the UK are vegan or vegetarian or want to be. (

12/10/2021 Multi-faith clergy coalition urges Louis Vuitton to walk away from fur

In a remarkable interfaith gesture, a group of Christian, Hindu, Buddhist and Jewish leaders is urging luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton to stop using animal fur in its clothing and other products; showing its commitment to ethical choices, animal welfare and compassionate fashion.
"Louis Vuitton should explore new boundaries of fur-free creative design and discontinue selling all products made from animal fur. It should move away from fur as fur fashion seemed cruel, outdated and unnecessary. Animals should not be made to suffer and killed to make fashion and glamourize bodies when there were other valid fashion alternatives at our disposition. Cruelty should never become fashionable", Orthodox Christian priest Karcher, Hindu statesman Zed, eminent Jewish rabbi Webb Beyer and Buddhist priest Fisher stated in Nevada. According to reports; many high-end brands, designers and department stores had already decided to ban fur, which is also detrimental to the environment and affects the health of fur-processing workers. Fur sales has been banned in a country, a state, some cities; while many countries have banned fur farming. Few publishers have announced fur-free policies, including lifestyle magazine Elle. Some fashion-weeks have also banned fur. Zed further said that fur should no longer be acceptable in entire fashion industry; which should become more humane, rejecting animal cruelty and displaying a meaningful and powerful animal rights commitment.

12/07/2021 Experts Call For CCTV To Be Installed On Fish Farms

Fish experts are calling for CCTV to be installed on fish farms and slaughterhouses and for increased inspections to tackle welfare breaches. A host of NGOs and key figures including professors and authors issued the plea to the UK advisory board, Animal Welfare Committee (AWC). They urge amendments be made to establish a process for regular welfare inspections. Despite welfare standards detailing how fish must be spared “avoidable pain, distress, or suffering during their killing and related operations,” as written in the Welfare of Animals at the Times of Killing regulations, the state of British fish farms paints an entirely different picture. (

12/02/2021 Pig Farm Slammed For Tormenting Animals

A French pig farm connected to several major British supermarket chains has been accused of animal cruelty following the release of new covert footage. In light of the investigation, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Asda, and Iceland have been urged to stop selling Herta Frankfurters. Animal welfare group L214 captured the footage on a farm in the north of France throughout August and September. The farm keeps more than 20,000 pigs captive, and is contracted to supply Herta. The world’s largest food company, Nestlé, owns 40 percent of the Herta brand. The investigation uncovered consistent violations of animal welfare regulations on the farm. This included slamming weak piglets on the floor to kill them, not giving pregnant sows in cages permanent access to water, and castrating male piglets by ripping off the tissue – without anesthetic. Workers also clipped piglets’ teeth with pliers, despite not trying other measures to prevent tail biting amongst the animals. Farmers docked all piglets’ tails, which is forbidden to do on a regular basis, and were seen beating sows. Further, pigs were living in cramped sow stalls, barely able to move. Sow stalls have been banned in the UK since 1999, but are still legal in France during part of the gestation period. (

The number of news found: 9.

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