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02/24/2021 World Spay Day

Puppies left in boxes near shelters, wounded, sick, and malnourished animals, injured kittens, and similar horrors are everyday life for the Network for the Protection of Animals and its volunteers. By taking care of abandoned puppies and kittens, they are solving a problem created by irresponsible individuals who do not spay their dogs and cats, leaving their offspring at the mercy of cold, heat, hunger, thirst, and car wheels. "Excessive reproduction of dogs and cats is the main cause of abandonment of animals," emphasizes the Animal Friends Croatia. To address this major problem, more than 70 countries around the world have been celebrating World Spay Day since 1995 on the last Tuesday in February. It seeks to highlight the importance of neutering dogs and cats in order to reduce the number of abandoned animals and generally improve their health. 

02/18/2021 Vegan mushroom leather startup will transform fashion industry

This month, biotechnology startup Bolt Threads announced a partnership with fashion industry giants Adidas, Stella McCartney, Lululemon, and Kering—a luxury fashion group that manages the development of brands such as Gucci, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, and more. The partnership will give the fashion brands exclusive access to Bolt Threads’ Mylo—a material made from fast-growing mycelium (mushroom root systems) that Bolt Threads crafts into vegan leather. The partnership will result in the launch of new mushroom leather-based products in 2021. “We are thrilled to be working with partners who recognize that we are in a race to develop sustainable solutions to conventional technologies,” Bolt Threads CEO Dan Widmaier said. “They are joining forces, and investing in a solution that can scale: Mylo. The consortium unites four iconic and forward-thinking companies—Adidas, Kering, Lululemon, and Stella McCartney—who collectively represent hundreds of millions of square feet of potential demand for Mylo. Most importantly, this is an ongoing commitment to develop materials and products for a more sustainable future.” (

02/17/2021 adidas commits to a fur-free future

Today, sportswear giant adidas announced to commit to a fur-free future and join the global Fur Free Retailer program. While adidas currently does not sell products made of animal fur, today’s pledge to permanently renounce fur sees the brand take a clear stand on animal welfare. As one of the largest sportswear brands in the world, adidas leads the way for more brands to switch to animal-friendly alternatives. The Fur Free Alliance is pleased to welcome adidas as the 1500th apparel company to join the Fur Free Retailer program and embrace animal welfare. The tide against fur is turning worldwide as concerns about animal welfare continue to grow. In recent years, over a dozen European countries have introduced fur production bans, including Norway, Belgium and The Netherlands, and the U.S. state of California has banned the sale of fur. (

02/11/2021 Swedish scientist is developing the perfect milk for vegan cheesemaking

Professor and researcher Marité Cárdenas of Malmö University in Sweden is working to develop a vegan cheesemaking process that mimics dairy cheese. Her goal is to develop a plant protein that mimics the proteins in dairy milk, such as casein, that is so important to cheesemaking. In the cheesemaking process, bacteria or enzymes react with the proteins in milk so that curd is formed and used as the base for cheese, but Cárdenas says the process is difficult without the specific proteins. “There are a lot of dairy products, which of course are produced from milk, and milk is a difficult material to mimic,” Cárdenas told media outlet Dairy Reporter. “So the idea is to work out how to mimic it so we can produce dairy products that are plant-based. The current vegan options are not really mimicking dairy cheese production; they are doing something completely different and that is because there is a great technological limitation.” Cárdenas will use her knowledge and experience as a physical chemist to formulate milk from plant proteins. (

02/09/2021 Amendments to the Policy for Shelters entered into force

Animal Friends Croatia reported that Amendments to the Policy on the conditions for animal shelters have entered into force. "We thank the Ministry of Agriculture for accepting many remarks of the representatives of our association and others that successfully run shelters during the drafting of the new policy, as well as its amendments. The Policy goes in the direction of smaller requirements regarding the construction of shelters, and the emphasis is on animal welfare in the shelter. We believe that this will be an incentive for local communities and associations to establish and register shelters ", states the AFC. They say that the new Policy on shelters, with amendments, is a big improvement to the old one from 2004.

02/04/2021 Vegan Milk Sales Are Contributing to the Decline of Dairy

Vegan milk sales are “negatively affecting” sales of cow’s milk, according to a recent USDA report. Researchers from the Economic Research Service (ERS), an arm of the USDA, aimed to determine if plant-based milk sales are increasing at the expense of dairy milk. Data was collected by private market research company IRI for 2013 through 2017. According to the report, dairy milk sales are still in decline. Weekly average purchases fell by 12 percent from 0.41 gallon per household per week to 0.36 gallon per household per week in 2017. Meanwhile, plant-based milk cases increased 36 percent from 0.028 gallon to 0.038 gallon per household per week. Dairy milk sales are still significantly higher than vegan milk sales. However, plant-based milk sales are directly contributing to the decline in household purchases of cow’s milk.

02/02/2021 Free veterinary services in earthquake-hit areas

Animal Friends Croatia, which warned last month about the difficult situation and conditions for animals in earthquake-affected areas, calls on all residents of Sisak-Moslavina County who have not previously fulfilled their legal obligations to take the opportunity to vaccinate and microchip their dogs as soon as possible. They can also neuter their dogs and cats for free through a project launched with the help of its donors Shelter Animal Friends from Čakovec. The date of castration must be set in advance by calling the number 099 4800 640, which can be contacted by anyone who wants to help those animals. AFC has also asked the veterinary inspection to, in accordance with their obligations, visit all the houses and check whether all the dogs have been vaccinated. 

The number of news found: 7.

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