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03/30/2021 A dog on the chain is not an alarm device

Associations that have recently launched a campaign for a total ban on keeping dogs on a chain believe that it is clear to everyone that there is no excuse for such practice, no justification for such abuse. Therefore, they ask the questions: "Can a dog tied on a short chain really guard anything?" Why should a dog guard anything at all? Today, when a good surveillance camera with the ability to monitor movement and connect to the Internet costs only a few hundred kunas, chaining a living being so that it suffers on a chain for years is unnecessary at least. How is it possible that this has already not been completely banned? The campaign received the support of many institutions and celebrities, including popular singer and radio host Sasa Lozar, who pointed out that dogs should not be alarm devices: "I would like to believe that dogs are no longer kept on chains and that such practices exist only in our past. I would like to believe that, but I know that's not true. So think carefully before you have pets, do you have the conditions for them, but if you need a security, buy an alarm! At least it's not expensive anymore."

03/25/2021 Trawling for Fish May Unleash as Much Carbon as Air Travel

For the first time, scientists have calculated how much planet-warming carbon dioxide is released into the ocean by bottom trawling, the practice of dragging enormous nets along the ocean floor to catch shrimp, whiting, cod and other fish. The answer: As much as global aviation releases into the air. While preliminary, that was one of the most surprising findings of a groundbreaking new study published on Wednesday in the journal Nature. The study offers what is essentially a peer-reviewed, interactive road map for how nations can confront the interconnected crises of climate change and wildlife collapse at sea. Protecting strategic zones of the world’s oceans from fishing, drilling and mining would safeguard imperiled species and sequester vast amounts of carbon, the researchers found. The carbon released from the sea floor leads to more acidified water, threatening marine life, and reduces the oceans’ capacity to absorb atmospheric carbon dioxide. (

03/24/2021 Spain orders culling of hundreds of cattle on a ship

Only weeks after hundreds of cattle were slaughtered in an eastern Spanish port after being deemed unfit for commercial purposes, Spain has ordered the culling of 1,600 calves on a second ship that survived a three-month ordeal at sea. Nearly 180 cattle that perished during the journey were cut into pieces and thrown to the sea by the crew, according to an animal-rights group that published what it presented as Spain's official inquiry into the livestock carrier. The Ministry of Agriculture cited “health and the wellbeing of the animals” as reasons to order the ship's owner to isolate the animals and slaughter them “without suffering.” Authorities will carry out the culling if the company fails to meet a Thursday deadline for the operation, the ministry warned in a statement on Monday, adding the calves were unfit for export or to be brought back into the country. (

03/18/2021 MeatOut Day 2021

On the occasion of the MeatOut Day, which is celebrated on March 20, famous Croatian influencers and excellent vegan cooks, Marie Wasler and Nataša Rajčević, will show how everything can be prepared in a vegan version. They will explain how life without animal meat improves the quality of life. In an interesting and educational workshop, which can be viewed on Friday, March 19, 2021, at 8 pm on the Facebook page of Animal Friends, Marie and Nataša will prepare various plant-based substitutes for meat that can be found in Croatia and through their vegan experience help and give tips for anyone interested in a vegan lifestyle.

03/16/2021 Croatian Obesity Awareness Day

March 16 marks the Croatian Obesity Awareness Day, which affects more than 700 million adults worldwide, while in Croatia every second person over the age of 18 is overweight, and every third child over the age of eight is obese. Dr. MD Neal Barnard, president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), says a low-fat vegan diet has caused significant and consistent weight loss and shown better results for weight, body composition, insulin sensitivity, and cholesterol levels compared to the Mediterranean diet. It is more effective for weight loss due to increased fiber intake and reduced calorie intake and reduced fat consumption. Animal Friends Croatia points out that research proves that a vegan diet can prevent and treat heart disease, colon and lung cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, kidney failure, hypertension, obesity, and much more. Dr. T. Colin Campbell, professor emeritus of food biochemistry at Cornell University, in his book "The Chinese Study", one of the most important books on nutrition ever written and one of the most comprehensive studies of human nutrition of all time, answers the question of how to stop the obesity epidemic: " I find veganism an ideal way to eat. It is primarily low in calories and thoroughly reduces the risk of disease. In addition, we have not seen any shortcomings in veganism. ”

03/11/2021 Cosmetic ingredients are still being tested on animals!

Although animal testing was banned in the European Union eight years ago, as well as the sale of cosmetics that rely on such tests, it is shocking that cosmetic ingredients are still being tested on animals! Horrified by this, the European organizations for animal protection Cruelty-Free Europe, the Humane Society International Europe, PETA, Eurogroup for Animals, and the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE), of which Animal Friends Croatia is a member, have joined forces to call on EU authorities to revoke new requirements for animal testing and to ensure the safety of cosmetics and cosmetic ingredients using exclusively non-animal methods. Ending the outdated reliance on animal experiments, the Cosmetics Regulation has encouraged the development of superior non-animal testing methods and set the gold standard for similar initiatives around the world. However, it has since become clear that the Regulation is not being respected in the way promised to EU citizens and that animals continue to suffer and die in the testing of new cosmetic ingredients.

03/09/2021 Veterinarians give their support for the Campaign

Support for the Campaign "For Croatia without dogs on a chain" came from the most important professional associations of veterinary doctors - the Croatian Veterinary Chamber and the Department of Small Practice Veterinarians of Croatia and many private veterinary practices. Veterinarians indicate that often such dogs are not fed regularly, they spill the water container with a chain so they are often thirsty for a long period of time, are rarely taken for treatment, and are exposed to extreme cold/heat. They note that the well-being of such dogs is very low because they do not have enough activities. Many veterinarians have witnessed terrible suffering, even severe wounds on dogs on a leash. They pointed out that, in addition to the fact that dogs on a leash have mental disorders, they also have more visible and frequent orthopedic problems and problems with the hips, spine, and muscles.

03/04/2021 Free plant-based milk workshop

Animal Friends Croatia invites anyone who's interested in learning about the benefits of plant-based substitutes for dairy products to join them for a free plant-based milk-making workshop. It will be broadcast live via their Facebook page on Saturday, March 6, 2021 starting at 6 p.m. The workshop, which will also be a lecture on the importance of plant-based substitutes for dairy products, will be led by longtime vegan and experienced chef Nikolina Plenar Jeličić. Nikolina will show how to make oatmeal, almond or hazelnut milk at home and in what way to use productively all the ingredients that remain after making homemade pudding and other vegan desserts.

03/02/2021 For Croatia without dogs on-chain

If it weren't for the horrifying photos that went viral on social networks and shocked Croatia, along with painful stories of volunteers rescuing dogs in inhumane conditions, there might not be such huge interest in the campaign launched by the three largest animal protection associations in Croatia. Animal Friends Croatia, the Friends' Shelter, and the Victory Association are calling for an urgent amendment to the existing Animal Protection Act by introducing a complete ban on keeping dogs on a leash with a large national campaign "For Croatia without dogs on-chain". These three associations, with the support of all associations of the Animal Welfare Network, as well as the vast majority of citizens, institutions, and people from public life want a change, they want to save thousands and thousands of animals currently in prison, but also those not yet born. They were supported in this by a company known for its socially engaged work, which dedicated its spring campaign "You need to know when to cut", presented on more than 350 billboards, with a message that no dog should live on a chain. If you think and feel the same, sign a petition calling for an urgent amendment to the Animal Welfare Act and a total ban on keeping dogs on a chain.

The number of news found: 9.

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