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05/26/2021 Dairy lobby fails to convince eu to censor dairy-free labels

This week, the European Union (EU) rejected Amendment 171, proposed legislation that would extend existing restrictions on dairy-related terms. Terms such as “almond milk” and “vegan cheese” are already banned on products in the EU, but 171 would further restrict dairy alternatives from using descriptive terms such as “yogurt style” and “cheese alternative.” The proposed legislation would also have prohibited the use of “milky” imagery such as swirls on a carton of oat milk and any other visuals or statement that it deemed evoked or imitated dairy products. Even helpful allergen information—such as “does not contain milk”—would be prohibited for use by plant-based products if 171 were to pass. The move comes after a petition started by food awareness organization ProVeg International against the restrictive legislation gained 456,000 signatures. “This is a common-sense victory. Citizens, industry, and experts have spoken and the EU listened,” Jasmijn de Boo, Vice President of ProVeg International, said. “It would be absurd to censor plant-based products at the same time as telling consumers to switch to a plant-based diet. Imagine censoring electric cars or recycled paper. We applaud the EU for its clear-sightedness under immense pressure from environmentally reckless interests.” Amendment 171 was part of a larger agricultural package of measures which included Amendment 165, proposed legislation backed by the EU’s meat lobby that aimed to ban terms such as “burgers” and “sausages” on products that do not contain animal meat. Instead, the terms proposed to describe plant-based burgers and sausages were “discs” and “tubes.” In August 2020, the Members of Parliament of the EU voted to reject Amendment 165 after receiving similar pushback from companies such as IKEA, Beyond Meat, and Unilever which stated that the proposed measure was “disproportionate and out of step with the current climate.” (

05/19/2021 PETA calls on the Croatian Prime Minister to support the ban on keeping dogs on a chain in Croatia

PETA and its international affiliates, including in France, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, have sent a letter urging Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenković and Agriculture Minister Marija Vuckovic to support a total ban on chaining dogs in Croatia. The ban was proposed by the Croatian Animal Protection Network together with the Animal Friends Croatia, Friends of Čakovec Shelter, and the Victorious Association. In their letter, PETA and its affiliates highlight the terrible physical and mental suffering of chained dogs. The organization calls on Croatian officials to take measures and support the ban for keeping dogs on a chain - a practice that is banned in many European countries such as Austria, Germany, Hungary, and Malta, but also in several US states. The suffering of dogs kept on a chain came to the public’s attention in December 2020, when volunteers helping after the earthquake discovered several cases of chain-tied dogs, abandoned and left to die among the rubble.

05/14/2021 Animal Agriculture Responsible For Thousands Of Air Quality-Related Deaths

Animal agriculture is responsible for thousands of air quality-related deaths, according to a new report. A new study has been published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. It describes poor air quality as the ‘largest environmental health risk’ in the US and worldwide. The report also estimates agricultural production results in a staggering 17,900 annual air quality-related deaths. Moreover, 80 percent of the 15,9000 deaths caused by food-related fine particulate matter (PM2.5) pollution are attributable to animal-based foods. This includes both directly from animal production and from growing animal feed. “Nationwide dietary shifts that decrease consumption of animal-based foods can lead to large decreases in agricultural PM2.5-related death rates,” the report states. “This simultaneously reduces direct damages from livestock waste management and indirect damages from feed production.” The report also says that 10,700-13,100 deaths could be prevented each year ‘from shifts’ to vegan diets’. (

05/12/2021 Eurogroup for Animals launches White Paper on the Revision of the Transport Regulation

Eurogroup for Animals presented its White Paper on the upcoming Revision of the Transport Regulation during a high-level online event, bringing together more than 150 stakeholders from EU institutions, Member States, civil society and industry. The White Paper outlines how the new Transport Regulation should adhere to the basic principles of reducing, refining and replacing live transport, whenever applicable. Since its foundation, Eurogroup for Animals and its members have been advocating to ensure effective protection of all animals transported. In 2007, Council Regulation 1/2005 - also known as the Transport Regulation - entered into force with the aim to avoid any injury or undue suffering during transport. However, over the years, investigations revealed that its implementation and enforcement is very poor; and scientific sources reported that its provisions are often unfit to ensure effective protection for the animals transported. To further facilitate compliance and systematic data collection, a reporting system based on transparent communication on the animals being transported (species and numbers, animal welfare status, journey route) and any transport-related problems, is outlined. (

05/11/2021 Local elections should contribute to better animal protection

On the occasion of the local elections which are being held this Sunday, Animal Friends addressed all candidates, urging them to include animal protection as part of their program. "We urge citizens to choose those candidates who will implement the Animal Protection Act in their area and improve the existing situation, while we encourage candidates to think about how they can improve the protection of life, health, and welfare of dogs and other animals at least in accordance to the law. Many important changes often do not require money, but only good will ", stressed the Association. Animal Friends has been conducting training and offering help to local communities for years, primarily related to the implementation of the Animal Protection Act. Last year, they sent a brochure on the implementation of the Law to all local communities, which can be downloaded in digital form. In order to get a quality insight into the implementation of the Animal Protection Act throughout Croatia, the Association sent to local communities an official questionnaire related to the implementation of the Animal Protection Act in the area of ​​local self-government units.

05/10/2021 Whale freed after being stranded at lock along River Thames in London

A small whale has been freed after it became stranded along the River Thames in south-west London. Hundreds gathered at Richmond lock and weir in south-west London on Sunday after the whale, a minke between three and four metres long, became stuck on the lock’s boat rollers. Videos showed it being hosed down by a man believed to be a Port of London authority (PLA) employee while a vet performed a checkup at the river’s edge, before the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) arrived at the scene to the cheers of onlookers at about 9pm. Fire crews were also at the scene, along with the British Divers Marine Life Rescue service. (

05/06/2021 The calf rescued from the earthquake enjoys freedom!

The irresistible calf Borna, the first born-free calf in Croatia, will soon turn four months and is already winning all hearts with his cheerful personality. He delighted Animal Friends activists who recently visited Farmica where Borna lives. He is growing at full speed and already has little horns of different colors. At Farmica they say that he is curious, playful, and sociable and spends his time in the company of other animals. Borna is particularly close with three-year-old billy goat Hopy, of a wonderful and mild nature, who, due to the horrible conditions in which he lived before Farmica, can no longer walk on his own. For special prostheses that will help him walk, as well as for other costs they have, even the smallest donation to Farmica will mean a lot: IBAN: HR5923400091110916596, SWIFT: PBZGHR2X, PayPal: Animal Friends reminds us that countless animals live in crowded spaces where they can't move properly and get killed in slaughterhouses. "Anyone who wants to help correct this injustice can do so by switching to a vegan diet," the Association concluded.

05/04/2021 A virtual walk through the shelters with Mirna Dvoršćak

The Animal Protection Network, a project of the Animal Friends Association that brings together more than 50 associations in the Republic of Croatia, is organizing a dynamic online event as part of the "Love is not for Sale" campaign. On Wednesday, May 5, 2021, starting at 7 pm on the Facebook page of the Animal Protection Network, journalist and editor and animal lover Mirna Dvoršćak will present three Croatian shelters whose valuable and notable work contributes to the popularization of foster care and responsible animal care. Shelter Friends from Čakovec, Shelter Farmica, and Shelter Victorius through a spontaneous, will through informal conversation with the moderator Mirna bring viewers closer to their daily lives with cared animals and show why adoption is the noblest option. In the live broadcast, they will pass through their shelters and present the irresistible paws that await their home.

The number of news found: 8.

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