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07/30/2021 No Animal Left Behind: Why no animal should be considered a machine

Every animal deserves to enjoy life. No animal is a machine, without feelings or curiosity or needs. But billions are treated as ‘units of production’ and squeezed and stacked together like batteries being charged. They should be cared for as the sentient, smart, pleasure-seeking creatures they truly are, and given every chance to enjoy their lives. They deserve living spaces that add pleasure and interest and choice to the everyday, that feed curious minds, and encourage connections and wellbeing. As part of Eurogroup for Animals campaign ‘No Animal Left Behind’, we release the fifth demand today which focuses on positive mental experiences.

07/27/2021 Reform of the Veterinary Inspection

The Animal Friends Croatia, which has been reporting numerous cases of animal abuse throughout our country for years, has decided to launch a petition calling for a reform of the Veterinary Inspection. They decided to take that step because, they say, they are outraged by the repeated negligence to clear evidence of animal abuse. They seek urgent reform that will make the inspection more specialized, more numerous, more educated, more efficient and more willing to sanction animal abusers, irresponsible caretakers, and all those who do not respect the law in any way. In addition to signing the Petition for the Reform of the Veterinary Inspection on their website, you can now access in one place direct examples of the rejection of our numerous lawsuits that prove insufficient application of the Animal Protection Act.

07/22/2021 Country of captive and tortured tigers

The scene of the tiger on the ferry symbolizes the terrible reality of wildlife protection in Croatia. AFC claims that it is difficult to determine whether it is worse if it is an illegal action or if it is a legal action, one with the support of competent institutions. Regardless of the destination, the tiger faces psychological abuse in captivity and will have 18,000 times less space at its disposal than it would in its natural environment. AFC states that tigers in Croatia are held both in registered zoos and in the so-called private collections, and share their miserable fate with many other wild animals. All of them should be in their natural environment, not in prisons for human entertainment in which they further reproduce to continue trade, increase profits, and pass on their suffering to new generations of innocent prisoners, the Association emphasizes.

07/20/2021 Zoos drug animals to force mating

Johari’s Law—which is supported by several animal-protection organizations, including Voters For Animal Rights, Last Chance For Animals, and Four Paws—would provide protections to animals by preventing institutions from using medication, such as those meant to treat mental health conditions, to facilitate breeding. The legislators argue that mating and reproduction should not be forced through the use of drugs. “The practice of forced breeding by zoos is abhorrent in and of itself, but adding to this the use of psychoactive drugs during the process is a new level of cruelty and inhumanity,” said Claire LaFrance, Communications Director at Four Paws. “The fact that these facilities have sunk this low illustrates just how desperate they are for financial gains and how detrimental captivity is for wild animals. Furthermore, these invasive medications and subsequent births in captivity do nothing for the conservation or protection of species in their natural environments and prove completely contradictory to true species and biodiversity protection.” (

07/15/2021 Croatia prohibits plastic bags!

At today's session, the Croatian Parliament passed a new Law on Waste Management, which, among other things, prohibits plastic bags for carrying. Animal Friends Croatia, which launched a campaign and petition to ban plastic bags back in 2008, welcomes this specific legal provision: “The ban on lightweight plastic bags is the result of many years of efforts by associations and environmental organizations that kept pointing to the catastrophic consequences of using plastic bags. We also advocated banning the thinnest disposable plastic bags used for vegetables and fruits in markets, which was not accepted even though there are alternatives. These thinnest bags are used relentlessly and should be regulated by law by putting a price on them.” AFC considers this legal provision a victory and thanks everyone who has fought alongside them in these 13 years and joined the appeal to ban plastic bags.

07/13/2021 Protect your pets from the heat

Due to more increasing and stronger heat waves that affect Croatia and other parts of the world, Animal Friends warns that dogs cannot sweat but cool themselves with panting, which makes it very dangerous for them. They ask all caregivers to protect their four-legged family members from the heat. When the body temperature reaches 41 ° C, the dog is in danger of getting heat stroke. At the very least, the owner should provide the dog a place in deep shade during the summer heat and walks early in the morning and late at night when the air is cooler. Animal protection associations also note that keeping dogs on a chain is extremely cruel, and during summer dogs on a chain suffer terribly because they cannot take shelter in the shade and even the doghouse does not help them in direct sunlight. We must not forget abandoned animals, and we ask everyone to leave some water where birds and other wild animals can reach it, for whom every drop of water means surviving in months of enormous heat, conclude Animal Friends.

07/07/2021 Neiman Marcus Goes Fur-Free

The Neiman Marcus Group (NMG) has announced that it is to go fur-free by early 2023, as it confirms the closure of its existing fur salons. The American retailer said that it will discontinue selling any products containing animal fur as part of its forthcoming environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy. The animal welfare policy, supported by the Humane Society of the United States, will eliminate products containing animal fur from Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman. All the remaining fur salons will be converted into spaces “customised for modern luxury experiences,” explained Neiman Marcus. This will allow the retail group to work with luxury brands to create “new and innovative ultra-luxury concepts that satisfy the discerning tastes of luxury customers”. Geoffroy van Raemdonck, chief executive officer at Neiman Marcus Group, said in a statement: “We are delivering an ultimate luxury experience for our customers and their evolving preferences. We are updating our assortment to feature multiple sustainable and ethical luxury fashion categories. It is clear the future is fur-free, and that includes the ultra-luxury space. As a leader in luxury retail, NMG has an opportunity to help build a better future for our industry. We’re grateful to the Humane Society of the United States for their partnership.” (

07/01/2021 EU Commission announces historic commitment to ban cages for farmed animals

The EU Commission today (30 June, 2021) committed to phase out cages in animal farming across the EU by 2027, making history for farm animals. The Commission plans to prohibit cages for over 300 million hens, mother pigs, calves, rabbits, ducks, geese and other farmed animals every year, looking at a phase-out by 2027. EU Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides and Commission Vice-President Věra Jourová made the announcement at a press conference covering the Commission’s response to the ‘End the Cage Age’ European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI). The ECI, which is the first successful Initiative for farmed animals, was signed by an overwhelming 1.4 million EU citizens. Animal Friends Croatia said: "The long-awaited day has finally come! Today, the European Commission made a historic decision to leave a legacy for farmed animals. Citizens demanded change and the Commission received the message loud and clear, making an unequivocal and visionary commitment to phase out cages."

The number of news found: 8.

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