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08/17/2021 Vegan scrambled eggs is the most innovative plant-based product

Until now, it has not been possible to buy ready-made vegan scrambled eggs in Croatia. However, the small Croatian plant food producer, who has already won over gourmets with fine veggie kebabs and other delicious vegan products stood out as the most innovative precisely because of the ready-made vegan scrambled eggs that only need to be reheated before consumption. Animal Friends is also proud of this fact, because tofu scrambled eggs were created as part of their project "Let’s produce sustainably, let’s eat green". With it, they encouraged local producers to invent new vegan products, while they helped them by advising, giving ideas, and even naming products. The aim of the project is to achieve and strengthen cooperation between the Croatian agricultural sector focused on the production of plant-based products and the promotion and increase of visibility of plant products and sustainable nutrition. The project was also supported by the Ministry of Agriculture. "Let’s produce sustainably, let’s eat green" fits in European Strategy for Smart and Sustainable Growth and promotes a growing plant-based food industry that pollutes the environment incomparably less, uses natural resources more sparingly, saves billions of animals and is healthier.

08/12/2021 Stella McCartney Debuts Sustainable Vegan Sneakers

Fashion house Stella McCartney is set to increase its cruelty-free range once again. The UK-based company, which aims to produce sustainable clothing and accessories, will release its new vegan Reclypse sneakers later this month. The shoes feature lining created from ECONYL regenerated nylon, which is sourced from pre- and post-consumer waste like fishing nets and carpet. The Reclypse sneakers – which are handmade in Italy – come in four colors. They have a recycled polyester upper, as well as a tractor sole containing plant-based and renewable materials. They also feature contrast panels of vegan leather and mesh. “The Stella McCartney Reclypse is fashion innovation, taking luxury trainers one step closer to sustainability and circularity – it stylishly blends athleticism with escapism,” reads a release sent to Plant Based News.

08/06/2021 Igor Barberić in AFCs' new campaign promotes veganism

Igor Barberić, the choreographer, director and everyone's favorite face on television screens, is the author of the slogan "Instead of calories, I count saved lives", as well as the whole concept of visuals of Animal Friends posters in which he sympathetically calls for a compassionate lifestyle.  He adds that animals are more similar to us than most people think. Pigs sing to their children, dream and choose to sleep so that their muzzles touch their siblings. Hens are very intelligent, they communicate in 30 different vocalizations with different meanings and can recognize more than 100 human faces. Cows have best friends, carry their babies in their wombs for nine months just like us and find it extremely difficult to take a baby away. Aware of this, Igor points out: “That is why I am extremely proud of the fact that in 11 years of exclusively plant-based diets I have managed to save the lives of as many as 4,015 animals. I hope that this number, as well as other figures visible on the visuals that show the benefits of veganism in terms of environmental protection, will encourage others to think about this not-at-all demanding and interesting way of eating and living. "

The number of news found: 3.

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