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09/30/2021 World Vegetarian Day

On the occasion of World Vegetarian Day, which is celebrated all over the world for the 44th year in a row, and World Farm Animals Day, which is celebrated for the 38th year in a row on the birthday of vegetarian Mahatma Gandhi, Animal Friends will set up an information stand to encourage people to think about the ethical, environmental, health, and other benefits of a compassionate lifestyle. The stand will be set up on October 2, 2021, at 10 am at the intersection of Gajeva Street and Ban Jelačić Square in Zagreb. On the same day at 7 pm, activists will gather on Ban Jelačić Square and in the so-called "Cube of Truth". Volunteers with masks on their faces will hold screens in their hands which will display videos of standard practices from the meat, dairy and egg industries. Interested passers-by will be able to participate in the event, view footage, talk to activists and reflect on the causal link between their daily decisions and what they see on the screens, which as individuals they can greatly influence.

09/28/2021 Luxury retailer Kering Group implements ban on fur

This week, luxury fashion giant Kering Group announced that it will no longer sell fur, meaning its subsidiaries Saint Laurent and Brioni will adopt fur-free policies. Kering’s other brands, namely Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, and Bottega Veneta have previously announced their own fur-free policies. Humane Society International (HSI), welcomes the change, a significant blow to an already toppling fur industry. “The future is clearly fur-free and now one of the world’s largest luxury fashion conglomerates agrees. As markets around the globe close their doors to fur products opting instead for innovative humane products, it makes complete sense for a power fashion house like Kering to make this ethical decision,” they said in a statement. “We couldn’t be more proud of our long-standing relationship with Kering and its brands and look forward to continuing our work with them to pave the way for a kinder fashion world.” (

09/23/2021 Billie Eilish and Nike are partnering to create vegan Air Jordan sneakers

Musical artist and longtime vegan Billie Eilish will release her first pair of Air Jordans created in partnership with athletic brand Nike—and the shoes will be fully vegan. A fan of Air Jordans from a young age, Eilish’s new vegan shoes will feature her signature on the insoles and be available in two styles: Air Jordan 15 in a neutral taupe hue and Air Jordan 1KO style in a “Ghost Green” colorway—reminiscent of Eilish’s slime green hair color prior to her new platinum look. The musical artist chose to create a vegan version of the Air Jordan 15  and Air Jordan 1KO style because they are gender neutral and can be worn with anything, from pants to shorts to skirts. This tongue of the shoe will also feature her signature “Blohsh” logo, which Eilish drew when she was 14 years old. Eilish’s anticipated Air Jordans will be made without animal products to align with her vegan lifestyle. (

09/21/2021 Moving campaign about zoo imprisonment

For two months, the Animal Friends Association has been raising funds for the campaign Skip the Zoo, the messages of which will be available on billboards in cities across Croatia from this week. The visuals with portraits of monkeys and lions behind bars, created in collaboration with the Spellcaster agency, leave no one indifferent. As they point out, “even though our lockdown had a beginning and an end, there is no hope for animals in Zoos, no vaccines, no possibility of lifting the measures ... for them, everything remains as it was. As the billboards say: first we take away their natural habitat, and then we enclose them in small cages where they will spend most of their lives alone, behind fences and bars. We believe that everyone knows in their heart how wrong it is to keep sentient beings in captivity, just for someones' entertainment. 

09/16/2021 Mass killing of over 1,400 dolphins in one day

A tradition of dolphin hunting in the Faroe Islands has led to international outcry after more than 1,400 dolphins were killed in one day, leaving a beach doused in blood. The BBC reports that on Sunday, boats herded a pod of white-sided dolphins into shallow waters at Skalabotnur beach in Eysturoy — roughly 400 miles from Iceland — and killed them with knives. The remains of the dolphins were placed on the shore to be distributed among locals for consumption. Supporters say it is a part of their cultural identity, a tradition that dates back hundreds of years on the remote islands. Yet, the sheer number of dolphins killed over the weekend has brought renewed attention to the practice. Animal rights and conservation organizations have long called for an end to grindadrap. Sea Shepherd, an international marine conservation organization, tweeted a graphic image showing some of the 1,428 dolphins that were killed. They said they are hoping that pressure will build from within the Faeroe Islands to put an end to it.

09/13/2021 No Animal Left Behind: Why every animal deserves protection and care

Eurogroup for animals released their last demand as part of their campaign “No Animal Left Behind” focusing on the billions of animals left unprotected by our current EU legislation: Fish, turkeys, dairy and beef cattle, sheep and goats, ducks and geese, quails and farmed rabbits… the list seems endless. The review of our animal welfare laws is long overdue, and we need to make sure that this time, no animal is left behind in the process. Europe’s animal welfare laws were introduced piece by piece over the last 40 years, but they are rarely enforced correctly, and there are serious gaps that leave billions of animals unprotected. In the context of the campaign “No Animal Left Behind”, they are calling on the European Commission to make sure a full-scale review of the legislation takes place, that their demands for the best possible welfare standards are heard, and that no animal is left behind. The more we discover about animals and their complex, intriguing lives, the more shocked we should be at how we have treated them in the past. And the more determined we should be to ensure they live a good life. Our laws need to do more than protect the welfare of all farmed animals. They should promote health, wellbeing and compassion. You can add your voice here to help us reach enough supporters to be heard by the European Commission.

09/09/2021 Protecting birds from the dangers of power lines

In the Slovak Republic, around 10 000 birds are killed by power lines each year. A LIFE award-winning project has come up with some ingenious ways to save these birds from perishing. The main goal of the 5-year project called LIFE Energy was to identify the high-risk power lines in Eastern Slovakia (which is the distribution area of VSD) and finding the most appropriate measures to make them safer for birds. They installed 8 600 bird flight diverters along 77 km of the most dangerous areas. These diverters protect 700 birds from collisions every year. The team also planted 550 trees to enhance existing wind breaks, helping the birds to see power lines better. (

The number of news found: 7.

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