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04/29/2022 Dutch Government Backs Cell-Based Meat With €60 Million Investment

The Netherlands’ government is helping to make cell-based agriculture the norm. Not only did it recently pass a law legalizing the sampling of cultured meat, but it has also allocated the sector €60 million in public funding. Cell-based agriculture consists of growing food like meat, cheese, and milk inside a lab. While this method of production does require taking cells from animals, it can be completed totally slaughter-free. For example, Dutch cell-based meat brand Mosa Meat can create 80 beef burgers using just one cow cell sample. According to the food-tech startup, the result is “indistinguishable” from conventionally produced burgers. Together with university professors, NGOs, and other startups and industry players, Mosa Meat helped to form a consortium called Cellular Agriculture Netherlands. The consortium put forward the funding proposal to the government. The money will go towards the sector’s overall development, which includes education around cell-based meat and furthering innovation. The funding is the first part of the Netherlands’ larger growth plan, which will see between €252 and €382 million invested in cellular agriculture. (

04/19/2022 The World of Vegan Meat Has Expanded Tremendously in 2022

Whether you consider yourself vegan, vegetarian, or simply veg-curious, you've likely delved into the world of plant-based meats at least once in your life. The market is continuously expanding, with the ongoing expansion of the plant-based population. There are so many new vegan meat products to hit grocery store shelves as of 2022 alone, that are worth trying. Some of those are Amazon's Fresh Plant-Based product line, OZO's plant-based chicken cutlets, shreds, and soon, bacon, Goodside Foods Meatless Crumbles, Impossible Chicken Wild Nuggies, etc. Wild Harvest added Plant Based Burger Patties, Plant Based Grinds, Plant Based Meatballs, and Plant Based Breakfast Patties to its line of 400 products and Chipotle started offering plant-based chorizo at all U.S restaurant locations. TiNDLE is new to the U.S. as of this year, and its' products are now being offered at a variety of New York and Los Angeles restaurants. We hope to see soon all of them in Europe as well. (

04/15/2022 3 tips for having a great vegan Easter celebration

Tip #1: Plan a creative search game to replace the old-fashioned egg hunt
You may try filling reusable eggs with small bags of treats. Alternately, have kids paint, dye then search for ceramic Easter eggs.

Tip #2: Bring vegan alternatives to traditional dishes to Easter gatherings
The idea of killing and eating a gorgeous, innocent lamb frolicking in a spring field is repulsive to vegans, and the casual enthusiasm about eating such baby animals can be tough. Consider these vegan recipes for great Easter dishes.

Tip #3: Bake your favourite desserts from childhood with egg alternatives
You can transform nearly any dessert recipe into a vegan masterpiece with egg alternatives and a little creative experimentation. Jackie Day, the talented author of The Vegan Way, has an in-depth post about egg substitutes. (

04/08/2022 Ecuador Court Recognizes The Legal Rights Of Animals For The First Time

The Constitutional Court of Ecuador has recognized the legal rights of nonhuman animals for the very first time. It all started with Estrellita, a woolly monkey. She was taken from the wild as a baby, before residing as a pet with librarian Ana Beatriz Burbano Proaño for 18 years. In 2019, Estrellita was seized by authorities. She was taken to San Martín de Baños Zoo, where she died within one month. The monkey was relocated because it is illegal to keep wild animals as pets in Ecuador. In an attempt to get Estrellita back, and not realizing the animal had died, Proaño filed a habeas corpus action, which came before the court last year. This is a recourse in law that serves to challenge unlawful detention. In Estrellita’s case, the court ruled for the first time that the rights of nature can extend to individual wild animals, that wild animals have rights, and that Estrellita’s had been violated (both when she was poached from the wild, and when she was forcibly moved to a zoo). The verdict is significant because it means that going forward, the same approach can be applied in other cases involving wild animals, too. Environmental lawyer Hugo Echeverría said in a statement: “This verdict raises animal rights to the level of the constitution, the highest law of Ecuador.” (

04/06/2022 Ireland's President Signs Fur Ban Into Law

The Republic of Ireland has banned fur farming. Legislation prohibiting the practice—titled the Animal Health and Welfare and Forestry (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill 2021—completed its passage through the Irish Senead (Senate) at the end of March. President Michael D Higgins signed it into law yesterday. The move, which will see the country’s last three mink farms shut down for good, is the latest in a string of European fur farming bans. At the end of last year, Italy approved a budget law that would see the country’s fur farming industry close completely. In June 2021, Estonia became the first Baltic state to pass a fur farming ban. In November 2020, Hungary announced a ban on the farming of mink, foxes, ferrets, coypu, and polecats for their fur. The Irish ban is also in line with the opinion of its own citizens. According to the Fur Free Alliance - an international coalition of animal protection organizations - 80 percent of the country’s residents are against fur farming. (

04/01/2022 Microalgae Oil Could Replace Palm Oil

Oil from microalgae could be a healthier, more environmentally sustainable substitute for palm oil, according to a new study. In the February issue of the Journal of Applied Phycology, researchers at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore described how they produced oil from microalgae and discovered positive health benefits in comparison to palm oil. Oil derived from microalgae – photosynthesizing microorganisms that live in salt- or fresh water – contains more polyunsaturated fatty acids (which reduce cholesterol) and fewer saturated fatty acids than palm oil. Microalgae is also environmentally sustainable: it is ubiquitous underwater, naturally regenerative, and harvesting it has little impact on the natural environment. Palm oil extraction, in contrast, is a notoriously large contributor to deforestation, threatening countless animal habitats, notably orangutans, pygmy elephants, and Sumatran rhinos. (

The number of news found: 6.

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