04/24/10 Humane Education

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To mark World Day for Animals in Laboratories Animal Friends will present InterNICHE humane education

- Animal Friends is calling attention to legal omissions and the lack of ethics in Croatia's education system

Animal Friends became partners with InterNICHE, the international network that promotes ethical methods for progressive, humane education. InterNICHE offers practical support to teachers to replace animal experiments and encourages students to defend freedom of choice concerning their learning methods and demand for a progressive, high quality education.

For this reason, on World Day for Animals in Laboratories the Animal Friends' activists will make a performance on Saturday, at 12 noon, on King Tomislav's Square, in order to show the contrast between ethical and unethical education. Also, at the information stand computer simulations will be presented that show some methods that do not include animal use. The petition for the right of conscientious objection can also be signed.

The usual, traditional approach to teaching natural science, human and veterinary medicine uses animals as a part of the educational program. This kind of approach is inhumane, morally without foundation, causes unnecessary suffering of animals, and furthermore, taking animals from the wild disturbs the balance of the natural populations. In addition, this also affects students who are forced to compromise their ethical principles and act contrary to their own moral values.

Most students will never use animals in their future careers. In the end, such kind of approach is unprofitable, as well as illegal according to the Animal Protection Act, Article 29 that says: "Experiments on animals which cause them pain, suffering and injury or death may not be performed for educational purposes."

According to their vision of an education system that entirely respects and supports the animal's as well as student's rights, Interniche offers options and teaches alternative approaches instead of traditional animal experiments. Interniche's offer consists of films, replicas, models, simulations, multimedia computer simulations, tissue or organs of dead animals, lessons on clinical treatment of the animals, and many more.

Animal Friend, together with the InterNICHE network, will promote alternative methods in education throughout Croatia and demand an education that does not include torturing and killing animals. In accordance with that Animal Friends send examples of ethical educational methods to universities all over Croatia. All interested students and teachers are invited for cooperation.

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