02/29/12 Green Monday at the Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection

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The Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection joined the Animal Friends' initiative

- Employees of the Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection choose solely meatless dishes one day a week

Following the suggestion of Animal Friends, the Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection joined the campaign Green Monday. One day in a week the only choice for the employees of the Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection on the menu of their restaurant are meatless dishes.

Among the main reasons for joining this campaign is the fact that a significant environmental impact comes from the livestock industry, which is one of the greatest generators of greenhouse gases that directly affect climate change.

Animal Friends would like to thank Minister Mirela Holy and the Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection and invite other public authorities, institutions and companies to follow this commendable move.

The aim of the Green Monday campaign is to help people to improve their health and protect the environment by switching at least one day a week to a plant-based diet.

Reducing the negative impact of humans on the environment is largely facilitated by the selection of a plant-based diet. The same choice also affects the reduction of hunger in the world, water and natural resources conservation, the reduction of health care costs, etc.

In order to facilitate the introduction of the Green Monday into the lifestyle of the citizens, Animal Friends launched the web site www.zeleni-ponedjeljak.com. Besides plenty of information about the benefits of a plant-based diet for human health and the environment, one can register at the info-list in order to obtain new recipes for healthy, tasty meals via weekly e-mail.

Within the Green Monday campaign the documentary film "Meat the Truth" has also been translated into Croatian, while a teaser for Green Monday can be viewed here.

The Green Monday is part of an international campaign conducted in many countries and cities worldwide. Additional reasons for the introduction of the Green Monday campaign are:

ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION: According to the UN report, the livestock industry is responsible for as much as 19% of total greenhouse gas emissions, more than all global transport.

WATER CONSERVATION: Water requirements for cattle are immense, far above those for vegetables or grains. It is estimated that it takes 15,500 liters of water to produce one pound of meat. About 50% of water pollution in Europe is caused by factory farming of animals.

WORLD HUNGER REDUCTION: According to the Worldwatch Institute, only the total amount of soybeans and grains given to the livestock in the U.S. could feed all the people on the planet about five times.

FUEL DEPENDENCE REDUCTION: On average, about 40 calories of energy from fossil fuels go into one calorie of cow meat (compared with 2.2 for plant protein).

HEALTH CARE COSTS REDUCTION: Treating chronic illness can account for 70% of total health spending costs. A plant-based diet reduces the risk of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and cardiovascular disease and obesity.

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