04/06/12 Males are Suffocated, Females are Imprisoned

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On Good Friday Animal Friends points out to the Croatian public that the males are suffocated, females are imprisoned!

- With the performance on the Zagreb's main square Trg bana Jelacica, the citizens will have the opportunity to taste vegan cakes

The first sensation they experience as they are born is the painful mutilation of their faces. Then they are locked up for life in more or less cramped cages or in filthy and crowded sheds. In those cages they can not move or spread their limbs. The wires cut into their feet, which become deformed, their bones weaken, and their bodies are filled with sores and boils. The ammonia evaporation from manure is biting their eyes. They must go through stressful day prolongation and a shocking one-week period of complete deprivation of food and water, in order to manipulate their bodies and cause better productivity. Tortured, physically and mentally exhausted after more than two years of life, they go from prison to death by having their throats slit.

For males, however, life ends as soon as they are born and they open their eyes and see the world. They have no female reproductive organs that can be exploited and therefore have no economic value. On the same day of their birth, they are killed by gassing, or by being thrown alive in grind machines or dumpsters, where they die of suffocation and dehydration.

Because of the cholesterol bombs, the potential carriers of salmonella and being one cause of a fatal form of testicular cancer, they never see the sunlight. Every year in our world five million of female animals are imprisoned, and their reproductive system is being exploited. Every year, the mankind kills billions of unwanted male babies.

With the performance on Trg bana Jelacica, on Good Friday April 6, 2012, at 12 noon Animal Friends' activists will call for a change of diet and lifestyle. The aim of the performance, which will depict the life of the females in cages and the death of the males, is to inspire citizens to ask themselves who those living beings are who, like us, want to live freely and to take care of their children, and what we can do to change something.

As a sign of good will and compassion and in order to commemorate Easter with healthier and tasty dishes, Animal Friends will offer vegan cakes and Easter recipes without ingredients of animal origin to the citizens.

Holidays like Easter are an opportunity to spread our own compassion towards other sentient beings, who want and have the right to live a decent life. This is an opportunity to make ethical decisions that respect the right to life of every living creature.

Animal Friends invites citizens to condemn the abuse of power for routine detention and killing of those who can not protect themselves and to participate in creating a better world.

Recipes for Easter meals can be found here.

Action realized with the support of FARM's Sabina Fund.

Eggles Easter, Zagreb 2012 - photo by Krume Ivanovski [ 98.65 Kb ]Eggless Easter, Zagreb 2012 - photo by Krume Ivanovski [ 101.49 Kb ]Eaggles Easter, Zagreb 2012 - photo by Krume Ivanovski [ 118.93 Kb ]Eggless Easter, Zagreb 2012 - photo by Krume Ivanovski [ 105.46 Kb ]Eggless Easter, Zagreb 2012 - photo by Krume Ivanovski [ 103.16 Kb ]Eggless Easter, Zagreb 2012 - photo by Krume Ivanovski [ 113.25 Kb ]Eaggles Easter, Zagreb 2012 - photo by Krume Ivanovski [ 125.10 Kb ]Eaggles Easter, Zagreb 2012 - photo by Krume IvanovskiEggles Easter, Zagreb 2012 - photo by Krume Ivanovski [ 110.63 Kb ]

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