08/16/12 Veggie Challenge

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This year Animal Friends again invites citizens to take on The Veggie Challenge

- The Veggie Challenge lasts from ZeGeVege Festival until World Vegetarian Day

This year Animal Friends again challenges citizens to the veggie adventure which will begin at the ZeGeVege Festival, Sept 7-8, and last until World Vegetarian Day, Oct 1, 2012. Interested citizens can register and begin the challenge today, or sign-up during or anytime after the ZeGeVege Festival. Though The Veggie Challenge lasts only until the end of September, Animal Friends hopes citizens will continue pursuing a veg lifestyle even after the offical challenge commences.

The goal of The Veggie Challenge is to showcase the advantages of a vegetarian diet and to make the general public aware of the ethical, health, and ecological values of a vegetarian lifestyle, showing everyone that delicious and healthy food, just like quality cosmetics, does not have to be of animal origin.

There are lots of reasons to participate in The Veggie Challenge and everyone can discover something that will push themselves to make a beneficial lifestyle change. Plant based food is good for our health and postively affects our quality of life and its longevity and also helps to save natural resources, prevent world hunger, preserve water and the earth, and reduce pollution. It also directly affects the fate of many sentient beings whom we share this planet with.

More than 150,000 vegetarians and vegans live in Croatia, and their number is growing both in Croatia and worldwide. Many celebrities like Mike Tyson, Emily Deschanel, Olivia Wilde, Tobey Maguire, Woody Harrelson, Jared Leto, Ellen DeGeneres and others have incorporated the veggie challenge into their everyday lives by choosing veganism for animals, theenvironment, and their health.

Everyone participanting in The Veggie Challenge can expect prizes for their perseverance, video and printed materials, recipes, and free services like cooking workshops and Vegan Buddies, a program that connects you with a helpful and experienced vegan mentor. Everyone living in Croatia can register.

Additional encouragement will also be given to Veggig Challenge participants through a new video in which a three-year-old boy shows how easy it is to make pumpkin muffins.

The four-legged members of our families can also join The Veggie Challenge by consuming quality plant-based food which will be featured at the ZeGeVege Festival.

The ZeGeVege Festival will also offer, through tastings, workshops, educational materials, books, cookbooks, nutrionists' advice and various other materials and activities, support for an easy switch to a vegetarian diet.

The ZeGeVege Festival of Sustainable Living will bring citizens closer to a healthy diet, ecological and ethical products, and entertain all with a rich program, promotions, innovations, prize contest, and much more. The restaurant at the ZeGeVege Festival will offer tasty dishes at discounted prices so everyone will get an opportunity to taste various vegan meals and cakes.

The restaurant of the ZeGeVege Festival will be organized by Vegehop, while nutritional advice will be given by Irena Svenda, who holds a Master degree in nutrition.

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