06/27/14 Care for Abandoned Animals in Rijeka

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Mayor Vojko Obersnel
Korzo 16
51000 Rijeka

June 27, 2014

Dear Mr. Obersnel,

First of all we would like to thank you for the time you took to consider finding the solution for neglected and abandoned animals in Rijeka, and for reacting personally to complaints made by your citizens regarding the shelter.

We are pleased to see that you understand our need to react. We have to stress that the times have come when shelters for abandoned animals become complex public institutions of great educational significance that demand a very serious and professional approach.

The quality of animal adoption and education are results of a great engagement that we believe the city of Rijeka and Primorsko-goranska county are diligently working on and are fully committed to, as you are the initiators and originators of the idea, and also the largest investor.

We commend your efforts regarding the building of the shelter, and would like to add that our organization actively collaborates with the Ministry of Agriculture, City of Zagreb and foreign associations and is at your disposal.

The Animal Protection Act clearly defines obligations of taking in abandoned animals and their care, the necessity for an advertising program and fostering, and at the end, the obligation of educating citizens.

A shelter that does not have a "no-kill" policy and that is not of a non-profit character will struggle to aim for animal welfare and citizens' interest which would not satisfy provisions of the Animal Protection Act, nor a moral obligation towards abandoned dogs and citizens in whose name the money is allocated.

We believe that as a mayor you do not want to be a killer of dogs or abandoned animals, but stand proudly behind modern and humane projects that will serve as an honour to the city of Rijeka which is why we support the building of a "no-kill" shelter for abandoned animals and offer our collaboration and our experience in solving the issues listed.

Hoping that the situation will improve soon and for a chance to meet with you, we send our greetings.

Kind regards,

Luka Oman

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