01/30/15 Animal Friends Croatia Hands Out Coffee with Plant-based Milk

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Activists have shown that volunteering is simple and fun

- Passers-by enjoy tasty coffee and discover information on the advantages of plant-based milk

In the early morning hours, passers-by at Trg bana Jelacica in Zagreb were pleasantly surprised when volunteers of Animal Friends Croatia invited them to have a coffee with vege-milk. The aim was to show that coffee can be enjoyed without cow-milk, which not only harms these animals and the environment, but is also bad for human health as its consumption is unnatural.

Besides Soy-milk, there are various other sorts of vege-milk, including those made from barley, rice, almond, and others. By choosing to consume these instead of cow milk, we are helping both animals and humans.

By this action, Animal Friends Croatia have shown that volunteering is simple and fun, inviting everyone to join in.

Anamarija Helena Milardovic, a volunteer, says that volunteering is important for her because she wants to help build a better world for everyone, including animals and said: "I don't want to spend my life ignoring the fact that we are exploiting others. I simply want to participate in positive change. For example, I do not eat animal products because I believe that it is wrong to exploit other living beings because of some supposed needs we may have. Animals do not live on this planet in order to serve me, just as I don't live to serve them."

Sara Mesin has added: "By volunteering, I have made an impact on various people whom I don't personally know, which means a lot to me. I volunteer at the info-stalls and every time I give a leaflet to someone or answer a question, I make an impact on that person. It often happens that people contact us after such actions, asking for additional information. This shows that volunteering and activism are important."

There are many ways to participate in our activities; you can volunteer from home, at the office, or at our info-stalls. There are no special pre-conditions for either membership or volunteering – the only condition is the wish and determination to do something good for both animals and people. Everyone is welcome to join us as members, volunteers, or both.

For additional information on the benefits of drinking vege-milk and for various ways in which you can volunteer, please visit our website www.prijatelji-zivotinja.hr, where you will also find the membership form.

Volunteering is easy and fun 1 [ 273.47 Kb ]Volunteering is easy and fun 2 [ 219.42 Kb ]Volunteering is easy and fun 3 [ 265.55 Kb ]Volunteering is easy and fun 4 [ 274.58 Kb ]Volunteering is easy and fun 5 [ 232.23 Kb ]

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