03/05/15 A Vegan Banquet with the Mayor of Samobor!

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Yet another Croatian town joins the national Green Monday campaign

- March 9, 2015: Animal Friends at a vegan banquet in the office of Samobor's mayor

The Town of Samobor is the second town in Croatia which has, after Zagreb, offered a patronage and a support to the Green Monday campaign! With signing the Green Monday Declaration by the mayor of Samobor, Mr. Kreso Beljak, the Town of Samobor has joined the Green Monday campaign aiming to encourage citizens to eat food based on ingredients of plant origin at least once a week.

With a view to popularise the healthier and delicious vegan food, based on ingredients of strictly plant origin, the mayor of Samobor and his guests will, on Green Monday, (March 9, 2015) at 12.30 p.m. in Samobor's Town Hall, have a chance to taste delicious vegan dishes and cakes.

The gastronomic offer will include grilled and fried tofu and seitan rolls, and for the pastry, Madjarice (Croatian layer cake), choco-squares and creamy pastry with apples, all of them nicely presented, as well as showcase dishes Cordon bleu (fried seitan rolls stuffed with smoked tofu, dried tomatoes and carrot), Mega protein (grilled tofu, seitan and tempeh), breaded tofu, Kayu-sandwich (wok vegetables with tofu and seitan) and presentation slices of choco-cake, Danish apple cake and strawberry Crostata.

The Town of Samobor has multiple reasons for accepting Monday as a day on which the citizens will be encouraged to at least once a week consume only food of plant origin. Plant-based diet has a positive effect on people's health, protection of animals, preservation of environment as well as on the social status of individuals and the society.

Plant-based diet reduces the level of cholesterol and the risk of cardiovascular diseases, certain forms of cancer, diabetes and obesity. On the other hand, though, due to the production of food of animal origin, the vast amounts of forests are being cleared, arable land is being exploited, waters polluted and the greenhouse effect affected.

The Green Monday is a part of the international campaign which is being conducted in over 30 countries in the world. You can find more information on the Green Monday campaign on the www.zeleni-ponedjeljak.com website, the Green Monday Facebook-page and through the electronic Newsletter by which more and more Croatian citizens are getting free vegan recipes and other information.

Within the Green Monday campaign in Samobor, other events will also take place aiming to inform and involve the citizens. Interested citizens from all of Croatia can join the Green Monday campaign and the various ways of participating can be found on the official website of the campaign.

Animal Friends wish to thank the ecologically certified restaurant Bio bistro Zrno which, in cooperation with the oldest Croatian ecological estate Zrno, combines the best quality produce with world-class standards in preparing healthy and delicious vegan dishes, which they prepared and presented for this occasion also.

Media representatives will be able to photograph the food presentation as well as to socialise with the mayor and his guests and get more information from the press-package regarding the Green Monday.

A video of the Green Monday campaign can be viewed here.

Green Monday with the mayor of Samobor [ 67.01 Kb ]Green Monday with the mayor of Samobor [ 135.23 Kb ]Green Monday with the mayor of Samobor [ 74.13 Kb ]Green Monday with the mayor of Samobor [ 85.74 Kb ]Green Monday with the mayor of Samobor [ 141.03 Kb ]Green Monday with the mayor of Samobor [ 113.24 Kb ]Green Monday with the mayor of Samobor [ 63.31 Kb ]Green Monday with the mayor of Samobor [ 84.59 Kb ]Green Monday with the mayor of Samobor [ 117.88 Kb ]Green Monday with the mayor of Samobor [ 114.89 Kb ]Green Monday with the mayor of Samobor [ 66.58 Kb ]Green Monday with the mayor of Samobor [ 107.76 Kb ]Green Monday with the mayor of Samobor [ 77.06 Kb ]Green Monday with the mayor of Samobor [ 97.83 Kb ]Green Monday with the mayor of Samobor [ 76.30 Kb ]Green Monday with the mayor of Samobor [ 150.42 Kb ]Green Monday [ 166.50 Kb ]

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