06/13/15 You Are Welcome With Your Dog Too

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New action "Adopting is Cool" invites citizens to take responsible care of their companion animals

- June 13, Ban Jelacic Square in Zagreb: introducing pet-friendly map and "pets welcome" emblems for caterers.

The "Dumovec" shelter for the neglected animals and strays of the city of Zagreb together with the City Office for Agriculture and Forestry, in cooperation with the association Animal Friends Croatia, are organizing the event "Adopting is cool" for the promotion of locations which are pet-friendly. The event will be held on Saturday on June 13, 2015, from 10am to 3pm on Zagreb's main square.

This event will introduce the first online pet-friendly map of the city of Zagreb, for accompanied-dog-friendly areas. Also, a sticker emblem designed by Animal Friends Croatia, will be available to owners of pet-friendly locations to positively identify their coffee shop, restaurant and shopping mall.

Info stalls will distribute educational leaflets and sensitize the public against abandonment of companion animals and introduce dogs from animal shelters who are looking for a new home. Visitors will get an opportunity to buy t-shirts with a printed message about adopting animals instead of buying them.

Animal shelters and animal protection associations are filled with abandoned animals needing a new home and caring guardians. Citizens who adopt an animal are often wondering where to lunch or meet with friends in a coffee shop, with their dog. Zagreb and the Adriatic Sea have more and more visitors who come with their dogs and who are used to bringing their dog to coffee shops or stores. Information about locations in the city or by the sea which welcome companion animals are important because as they additionally encourage animal guardians to behave responsibly.

Everyone is invited not to abandon animals and to take their dog or cat with them everywhere they can and to encourage the indication of the pet-friendly locations.

Pet friendly map

Dog friendly stickers

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Published: June, 2015

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