12/16/15 Holiday Table with Live Chicken

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Animal Friends' and Animal Voice's spokesperson invites for a vegan meal holiday celebration

- From the ads chicken Sasha says that chickens and other animals want to be at the table, not on the table

When the little yellow ball survived the great flood in the town of Gunja, it didn't know that it will grow into one of the few happy hens that this month from Animal Friends ads says: "If you want a chicken for dinner, invite her!" Cute Sasha happily awaits the days for trees to be decorated, candles lighted, gifts prepared and tables filled with sweet and savory dishes. She's lucky to survive not only this Christmas but many in the future as well.

Sasha is aware that many chickens are crammed into cages, waiting their execution and that millions of animals will not survive the holidays and welcome spring, though, like all living things, they crave for the sun, grass, freedom and life without fear and pain.

As a young activist, Sasha took photos in the Christmas atmosphere with table filled with vegan roasted seitan, French salad and Christmas kouglof cake from which she picked the almond. To all the people who wish to invite her or another hen for dinner, she says how she enjoys the fried corn but is also happy to reach for almonds or walnuts on top of the cookies. She adds that with plenty food at our disposal not one animal should get hurt.

Sasha conveys to chickens and other animals that must not end up on the holiday table a vital message that says how holiday lunch or dinner should be filled with joy, happiness and celebration of life. The animals want to survive Christmas and holidays and they would rather choose to be at the table than on the table. Holiday celebration is simple and joyful only when we choose to celebrate without taking life of another being.

As an enterprising chick, Sasha helped us prepare delicious vegan holiday recipes and meals to spend the best days of the year without animals on the plate. She thinks it's wonderful when everybody survive the holiday joy. She invites everybody to experience the true meaning of the holiday season, to magnify the festive celebration with vegan meal and to turn the holidays into a true celebration of everyone's life. Chicken Sasha wishes fun and happy holidays to everyone!

Animal Friends and Animal Voice Associations by sending Sasha's ethical message joined her invitation for these holidays to be joyful for animals as for people and to try many dishes without animal ingredients. Recipes for roasted seitan, French salad, Christmas kouglof cake and other holiday dishes can be found at www. prijatelji-zivotinja.hr and www.glas-zivotinja.org.

If you want a chicken for dinner, invite her! [ 245.69 Kb ]

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