11/21/16 Veganism Wins Over Salmonella!

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Animal Friends effectively against salmonella

- Plant nutrition is a great protection against salmonella, trichinosis and food poisoning

It is known that a vegan diet is the perfect protection against heart disease and vascular diseases, cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure. With a vegan diet, we can easily avoid salmonella, trichinosis and dangerous food poisoning.

Based on the media suggestions since salmonella has been detected, one should certainly be transferring to a plant-based diet. Avoiding food of animal origin is the most reliable protection against salmonella as well as many other health risks.

Today's massive factory farming reaches figures of more than 60 billion animals per year. Living beings are turned into biological machines for food production, while their hygiene and living conditions in such environments are highly prone to the emergence of infectious diseases that can quickly turn into a pandemic with unforeseeable consequences. By removing food of animal origin from the diet, we are avoiding the risk of mad cow disease, bird flu, trichinosis and salmonella.

Trichinosis can be obtained only by eating meat, and salmonella can be found in all animal products (such as meat, eggs, milk and dairy products). It is particularly alarming that the risk of salmonella contamination is extremely high because it is easily spread by feces and unwashed hands. Both carriers of disease often become employees in the meat, milk and eggs industries, and because of the use of manure, it can threaten our other food sources as well.

Millions of people get hurt due to poisoning with meat, milk, eggs and other foods of animal origin every year. Therefore, it is important to provide information on the safety of a vegan diet and its benefits for human health which include the protection of the environment, animals and our planet's resources.

Animal Friends is inviting everyone to take advantage of a salmonella affair as to make positive changes! For the health of our children, ourselves and the entire planet, we should all think about switching to a vegan diet, at least for a month.

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