01/16/17 50,000 People to go Vegan This January!

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Start 2017 with a challenge that will transform not only your life, but also that of the people and animals around you

- Go Vegan starting January: Join the Veggie challenge and become part of a growing global movement

Last year, over a thousand of Croats joined the popular Veggie challenge at www.veganopolis.net. Given that Croatian supermarkets have been constantly expanding and diversifying their offer of plant-based products, this comes as no surprise. Although all the products that make up a vegan diet can easily be found at a farmers' market, gourmands may now treat their taste buds to a variety of delicacies, such as vegan kebabs, sausages, deli meats, spreads, plant-based milks, cheese varieties (mozzarella, parmesan, etc.), mayonnaise, yoghurt, and many similar products.

This is why joining the Veggie challenge is one of the healthiest, most positive New Year's resolutions you can make. As part of the challenge, over a course of 30 days, each participant will receive an e-mail containing vegan recipes and fun facts about veganism, plant-based products, and vegan dietary habits.

This and similar projects—such as the globally known Veganuary challenge—are the reason so many people are making positive changes in their lives and getting informed about "accidentally" and "intentionally" vegan products, myths about veganism, delicious recipes, restaurants with vegan options, and, of course, receiving valuable nutrition advice.

The Veganuary campaign has recently reached a record 50,000 participants pledging to go vegan starting January. The project was launched in the UK in 2014, with the goal of changing the public attitude towards the vegan lifestyle. As part of the campaign, Veganuary put up 2000 posters in the London Underground last November to encourage Londoners to go vegan.

There are many reasons people may decide to go vegan. Some do it to help animals, while others simply want to improve their health and vitality. Some people may also go vegan to protect the environment, while others wish to avoid bird flu and many other diseases associated with consuming meat and dairy products. Whatever the reason, the Veggie and Veganuary challenges offer information and support as well as answers to all your questions about a whole new world of flavors opening up to you.

Recipes based on whole foods and a variety of fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, nuts, and seeds are a welcome change to your body and their health benefits are innumerable. Not only do these foods help ward off diseases and maintain desired body weight, but they also reduce animal suffering, preserve natural resources, and help fight world hunger and pollution.

To find out more about going vegan starting this January, visit www.veganopolis.net and www.veganuary.com.

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