10/30/17 World Vegan Day

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Online edition of Mom, Dad I'm Vegan! and a map with instructions on where coffee with plant-based milk can be found

- Virtual map "Vegan Zagreb - Eating and Drinking" shows where one can eat and drink fully vegan

For more than 20 years, World Vegan Day (November 1st) has been celebrated around the world. On this year's date, Animal Friends invites everybody to read the Croatian online edition of the book Mom, Dad I'm Vegan! and enjoy a cup of coffee with plant-based milk. You can find cafes that serve this conscious coffee by clicking on this map (made by Jelena Topcic), which designates restaurants with a vegan option, cafes that offer vegan milk, and various health food stores.

Fortunate for tasty food lovers, the map is often updated, demonstrating that the number of Croatian citizens interested in vegan products is on the rise. On the occasion of World Vegan Day, Animal Friends invites all catering facilities to implement a vegan option on their menu (if they haven't already!). This would bring those caterers many benefits, including increased appeal from tourists and domestic visitors, which will always include those who would prefer a coffee with vegan milk, or a dish without meat, dairy products and eggs.

More and more informed individuals refuse to consume animal milk. As a positive consequence, the dairy industry has started producing vegan milk, and in other cases, some companies have become committed to the ethical and ecological production of exclusively vegan products.

Every mammal has a milk composition which is intended for its own offspring, but man is the only animal that consciously drinks the milk of another species, even in adulthood. The repercussions of this unnatural habit include the abuse of cows and calves, environmental degradation, and poorer human health. Alternatives like plant-based milk are numerous - coming from sources like almonds, rice, soy, oatmeal, and coconuts, and easy to buy at the store or simply make at home.

Due to the increasing popularity of a vegan lifestyle, it is completely normal that, if we alone aren't vegan, we know at least one person who doesn't consume animal products. The knowledge of why people decide to go vegan, what the choice means for them, and how much they affect others with their decision, is becoming part of the general culture.

If you'd like to get familiar with the vegan lifestyle, try reading a free online edition of the book Mom, Dad I'm Vegan! A Guide for Understanding Your Vegan Family Member, written by prestigious American psychologist dr. sc. Casey Taft. It is appropriate to mark World Vegan Day by reading this book. The book is published by Dvostruka duga and can be downloaded for free. More, all catering facilities - including restaurants, cafes and pizzerias - can get advice from Animal Friends for simple implementations of a vegan option into their menu.

The month of vegetarianism, which ends on October 31st, can be a start of a one-month challenge. You can find the Veggie Challenge on www.veganopolis.net, a free service which supplies all registered participants with daily recipes and information about a sustainable vegan lifestyle for one month.

You have officially been challenged. :)

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