03/20/18 Without meat = without stress

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The first day of spring can also be the first day of veggies

- Meatout Day has been celebrated on February 20th across the globe for over 30 years

The first day of spring, February 20th, connects people around the world in a call against eating meat through the global Meatout campaign, organized annually since 1985 by the organization of Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM). For more than 30 years, many individuals have celebrated that day with a decision to stop eating meat and live in a way that is less harmful for the environment, our own health, and the lives of animals. Those who already live a vegan lifestyle are promoting it with various actions and tastings, and media, companies and institutions are also joining in.

By choosing a vegan diet, we are definitely choosing a healthier, greener and fairer world. The first day of spring is ideal for a choice of a positive change, either by switching to veganism or at least cutting down on the consumption of meat and animal ingredients in one’s diet. With plenty of vegan products and the diversity of fruits and vegetables coloring our markets these spring days, meat free will also be stress free – for us, the animals, and our planet, the only home we have.

Around 100 countries responded to the call of Meatout Day last year. It’s been evaluated that by avoiding meat just on that day, thousands of animals have been saved, more than 30 million liters of water have been spared, and around 400 thousand square kilometers of rainforest has been spared of deforestation, which would otherwise be cut down for growing crops to feed farm animals.

The choice of food we consume daily has a big impact on the world around us. The good news is that the changes in what we buy and eat lead to visible and measurable benefits for animals, our health, and the environment, such as lowering the rate of global warming and better preserving our resources. In order to produce one kilogram of wheat, we need 150 liters of water. On the other side, for one kilogram of meat, we need 15 000 liters of water.
Plant-based diets lower the risk of cancer, diabetes, heart and blood vessel diseases and obesity. Consuming more fiber and antioxidants from fruits and vegetables contributes to better health and immune systems. Besides that, world hunger is directly connected to breeding animals. While the people are starving, more than 60 billion animals per year are being forcefully fed, destroying 70% of the resources (specifically grains and other plant food) which could prevent world hunger. In just one modern slaughterhouse, several tens of thousands of animals are murdered every day.

Animal Friends invites everyone who wants to join the inspirational statistic and celebrate Meatout Day to register for the Veggie challenge this spring and try out the benefits of the vegan diet with the help of useful advice and recipes.

On that occasion, Vlatka Balas, the promoter of the Veggie Challenge, states: ”They say that it takes 21 days to form a habit. With the Veggie Challenge, you’ll receive emails for 30 days, making it the perfect little starter kit. After finishing the challenge, everyone will become an expert for the vegan diet and learn to cook without meat, milk and eggs, but also know how to answer the questions like: “And what about plants?” or “Isn’t veganism expensive?”. Let your newly gathered skills be useful this spring for your surroundings in which you live in. Without meat there really is no stress.”

Veggie challenge can be found on: www.veganopolis.net/veggie-challenge

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