03/29/18 Easter without eggs and ham is definitely possible

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Animal Friends shares a celebration of Easter without meat and eggs on the tables

- The free online cookbook "Mljac" ("Yummie") has a guide for a compassionate Easter

This year, many citizens will celebrate the biggest Christian holiday and mark the victory of life over death, and at the same time, feast on the bodies of dead animals. For those who see the irony in this and want to choose compassion and healthier meals for their family, Animal Friends prepared an online version of the cookbook "Mljac". In the free cookbook (in Croatian) you can find over 50 delicious recipes free of meat, eggs and milk.

In Croatia, during the Easter holidays, around 30 million eggs will be sold and consumers in most cases won’t even think about the ways those eggs got to their plates. Chicks are born in hatcheries where they are being heated by machines instead of their mother’s bodies. Soon after birth they go to the conveyor belt from which they are grabbed by the workers who routinely and harshly separate the male chicks from the female ones because they’re an unwanted byproduct of the egg industry. It is easier and more cost-effective for them to kill the male chicks two or three days after their birth. So they throw them in trash cans where they suffocate under each other, kill them in gas chambers, or put them directly in the machines where they are grinded alive.

Their sisters are continuing their way towards horrific living conditions. They will experience their first human touch when they are being grabbed to cut off their beaks so they don’t harm each other while pecking because of the stress. Their second human touch will be after two years spent in the cages, when they will be totally exhausted and shipped to slaughterhouses. Chickens are doomed to constantly lay eggs, and after their death they are replaced by new victims of the egg industry. That industry, producing over 50 million tons of eggs every year, wishes to fulfill an unmeasurable human appetite with a product which not only isn’t necessary but is also a cholesterol bomb and a potential Salmonella carrier.

Instead of chicken eggs, Animal Friends invite citizens to use plant-based substitutes in their meals. Today you don’t have to be extra skilled in the kitchen to make the delicious and healthier vegan equivalents of recipes with eggs, like pancakes, frying mixtures, cream cakes like "cremeschnitte", and even omelets.

"Today, being vegan and compassionate is extremely easy, and in the cookbook ‘Mljac’ you can find many tested and simple recipes for meals without eggs, meat and milk. Let Easter really be a celebration of victory over death" states Vlatka Balas from the Animal Friends association.

If you don’t want to think about how chickens feel while living in cages where they can’t even stretch their wings, find out how to make Easter bread (pinca) without eggs.

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