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Animal Friends have informed all local communities about the importance of the Unified Information Center

- An invitation to citizens to adopt an abandoned dog or a cat during isolation

The Animal Friends Organization reports that the Unified Information Center for Lost and Abandoned Animals, established at the Pet Registry maintained by the Ministry of Agriculture, is finally in function. The Association says that the establishment of the Unified Information Center has finally created a unique database of abandoned animals from all shelters in the Republic of Croatia, which has not been possible so far.

"All registered shelters in Croatia have an obligation to register animals at the Unified Information Center and anyone who finds an abandoned animal must report it to the shelter. This ensures that every abandoned animal is cared for, registered, posted and given its opportunity to be adopted. All abandoned animals are to be castrated under the Animal Protection Act and this information also needs to be entered into the database, as well as a photo and basic information about each dog”, Animal Friends said.

Therefore, they sent a report to all local communities to check if all abandoned dogs in their area were registered in the Unified Information Center with all the necessary information and photographs, and at the same time reminded them of their legal obligations such as care for abandoned animals, their advertising, education of their population and checking if all the dogs in their area are marked with a microchip. They also pointed out to them the importance of encouraging and subsidizing castration of dogs and cats.

The organization said: "Due to the new situation with the coronavirus, it is now more important than ever that all animals waiting for their home in shelters are in one place, visible to everyone, no matter where they are so that the potential adopters choose to adopt an abandoned animal instead of buying a dog or a cat”.

Animal Friends are inviting everyone to visit the Unified Information Center for Abandoned and Lost Animals at https://jic.mps.hr and the webpage of their local shelter for abandoned animals and to select the dog or a cat that they wish to adopt. By doing that, they will do a good deed and at the same time make this time of isolation easier for themselves.
"We are reminding you that pets cannot contract the new coronavirus, nor can they infect humans with this virus. But the current crisis has also hit shelters for abandoned animals, which temporarily had to close their doors to potential adopters and turn to new adoption protocols. At the same time, irresponsible citizens continue to mercilessly abandon their companion animals, leaving them in the street, right now when shelters are finding it more difficult than ever to rescue an animal. So a few days ago we were greeted by the news that in front of the big shelter for abandoned and lost animals, someone brought a dog with as many as nine puppies by car and left them there”, Animal Friends said bitterly.

They add that while some people do their best to help abandoned animals, others who do not castrate their animals throw their offspring out into the street. This leaves them at the expense and care of shelters, animal welfare associations, and empathetic individuals, creating even more chaos and problems during this crisis.

Animal Friends advise everyone to be responsible, to castrate dogs and cats under their care as well as mark them with a microchip and vaccinate them. They invite everyone with conditions to care for an animal, to choose adopting over buying and all the dogs and cats who need adoption can be viewed on photos at jic.mps.hr.

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