06/04/20 Vegan burgers popular throughout the world

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Animal Friends Croatia invites you: Find or make your own veggie burger and mark Veggie Burger Day

- June 5th marks the alternative to the symbol of unhealthy and non-organic foodstuffs

It is not a coincidence that on June 5th, on World Environment Day, Veggie Burger Day has started being marked. „With this day we want to draw attention to the fact of how we can easily substitute all animal products with plant alternatives. We can also do that with the hamburger - the symbol of a non-organic way of choosing a meal whose consumption contributes to the epidemics of obesity. Veggie burgers are flooding the world and slowly but surely becoming regular meals in all restaurants”, say members of the Animal Friends Croatia organization.

They invite everyone to mark Veggie Burger Day in a very simple way – find an already made veggie burger that you are going to like, or make your own favorite veggie burger according to one of the many recipes which can be found at www.prijatelji-životinja.hr and other websites containing vegan recipes.

There are a lot of veggie burger types – from ones made with hemp to the ones that taste like meat burgers with their flavors, smells, and structure. When eating these kinds of burgers, a lot of people cannot tell the difference from the meat ones, but they are more than aware of the differences in the ingredients and their influence on the environment, on preserving biodiversity and our own sustainability on this planet. The fact that shows how veggie burgers deserve their own day, as well as the place on our menus, is the amazing data where for one veggie burger 99 percent less water is used, 93 percent less of arable land and 46 percent less energy than that for a meat burger. Also, veggie burgers cause 90 percent less global warming, and contain an equal or greater amount of proteins and other nutrients, without the cholesterol and without slaughterhouses. That is what is called a better choice for everyone.

“Although it is obvious, we often have to remind people how hamburgers do not grow on trees”, state from the Animal Friends Croatia, indicating how people still do not think enough about the way the food we eat comes on our plates. They explain how today we have plenty of excellent vegan products to choose from, and how we can think about what we eat and how it affects us, other people, animals, and the environment.

Marking of Veggie Burger Day is a nice warm-up for the upcoming 9th Veggie Fair at ban Jelačić Square, which a lot of people cannot wait to arrive, and Animal Friends Croatia are announcing it for July 23rd, 2020.

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