07/28/20 NO to fishing on beaches!

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Under the „Let's respect our sea“ campaign, Animal Friends Croatia send a message to care for our sea inhabitants

- Educational boards in Croatian and English language both on the subject of fishing on beaches prohibition

Within the „Let's respect our sea“ campaign which was originally launched by Animal Friends Croatia in 2018, in cooperation with the European roof organization for animals welfare Eurogroup for Animals, a range of activities have been held in order to educate citizens of Croatia as well as tourists, about respecting our sea and all life in it. Those activities have included and covered hospitality management high schools in Croatia, hotels, hostels, caterings, restaurants, chain stores and supermarkets, cities, and local communities, libraries, media which publish recipes with plant-based meals on their web sites, some of the international film festivals, and also within this campaign, educative jumbo billboards have been posted, a sea cookbook with vegan recipes Green meals for the blue sea as well as three animated movies on the subject of animals in the sea, with Adriatic fish in its main role. One of the problems which were intended to be emphasized in this campaign was excruciating scenes of fishing by the shore in the middle of the touristic season where fish and other sea animals slowly die under the sun on our beaches and costs. A sight of swimmers and bathers which are often being caught and hooked on fishing rods when swimming or diving also shouldn't' be lost. This is something that can and needs to be changed.

„Respect sealife“ are boards that Animal Friends Croatia have designed in order to offer local communities to place them on their beaches with the purpose of warning local residents as well as domestic and foreign tourists.

Animal Friends Croatia attempted to encourage them to more rigid control and education in order for everyone to get familiar with the information that fishing is forbidden, that is, it is not allowed in the Adriatic sea to hunt without a special license issued by the Department of Fishery of the Ministry of agriculture. Gradac municipality has responded to this initiative this summer and so has become a good example to other counties and cities on the Adriatic coast. Animal Friends Croatia hopes to receive further responses from local communities and they invite citizens to act individually in a way to warn tourists who are fishing or extract animals from the sea.

A team of respected ecologists and economists has warned back in 2006 that fishing will gain its full collapse as sealife will disappear by 2048, should something significantly is changed in a way of acting towards practice with all ocean animal species. The Adriatic Sea is in direct danger from extinction due to overfishing, climate changes as well as pollution, and more intensive tourism.
Research published in 2017 in Scientific Reports magazine warns: „ Due to expectation of increased influence of climate change and fishing oppression in Mediterranean sea, there is a severe risk it could push the system to the point of no return“.

Leave fish in the seas, better have peas [ 917.00 Kb ]Dead fish



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