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Stella’s sausage to you, 1 kuna to Animal Friends Croatia :)

This story begins in the Slovenian shelter Koki, and the main protagonists are Stella, a discarded piglet who found salvation in a shelter that provides a lifelong home to animals rescued from slaughter and Anita Petrović, a member of Animal Friends Croatia and a volunteer who responded to the call for action. When she saw Stella, it was love at first sight. The playful piglet inspired her to design a sausage no one has to suffer for which is as spicy, greasy, and delicious as everyone is used to. And she succeeded.

Stella's sausage is made of very simple and accessible ingredients and with its taste, appearance, smell, color, and texture it resembles a Slavonian sausage. It is kept in the refrigerator and the "dried meat" product is ready. Its price is low and thus it’s accessible to everyone.

Animal Friends Croatia and Annapurna are credited with continuing the story because they made it possible for Anita’s recipe to get the stamp of professionalism and be available to everyone, regardless of diet.

Annapurna, a domestic producer of exclusively vegan products - organic products based on soy and wheat, which has the European V-label on all its products, has agreed to introduce a new product according to the recipe of Anita and Animal Friends Croatia.

Annapurna is a reliable and well-known manufacturer whose products can be found in various stores. The main motive of their work and business mission is to spread veganism and popularize the vegan diet. Each of their products was created out of compassion for animals, concern for human health, and the preservation of the planet. We are grateful to them from the bottom of our hearts for realizing this wonderful story that will win many hearts and for having such a wonderful collaboration.

The sausage is not only intended for vegans but is suitable for all people. It had its premiere at this year's 9th Vege Fair where it was a real hit and sold out in record time. You can buy it HERE, and soon in stores.

• from each product sold, Annapurna allocates one kuna for Animal Friends Croatia's projects that promote veganism and sustainable living

sausage from stella [ 706.05 Kb ]Stellas' sausages [ 117.72 Kb ]

sausage from stella 2 [ 157.72 Kb ]


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