02/02/21 After the earthquake: Microchipping, vaccination and castration free of charge

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Animal keepers and caretakers from affected areas are invited to use the opportunity to fulfill their legal obligation

- With microchipping and vaccination, castration is also available for free as well as a doghouse or fostering

Animal Friends Croatia which last month has warned onto extremely difficult shapes and conditions of keeping animals in areas affected by the earthquake, is inviting all residents of Sisak-Moslavina county who have not fulfill their legal obligation before, to use this opportunity and vaccinate as well as microchip their dogs as soon as possible, as well as to castrate their dogs and cats free of charge.

Furthermore, it is required from veterinary inspection to – according to their duties and responsibilities – visit all houses in the area and to check have all the dogs been vaccinated.
They state that the Ministry of Agriculture has brought action according to which by the end of this year all inhabitants with residence in the affected areas, will get a vaccination for free for their dogs as well as microchipping, registering into Lysacan, and issuing passports for pets. Necessary surgical and dermatological interventions, clinical examinations, and treatment for animals will be financed from the state budget. Dogs owners should use this opportunity and contact their veterinarians as soon as possible in order to avoid the penalty in the amount of 6.000 HRK due to unmarking dogs with microchips – and it is very well known that regretfully there are exceptionally many cases of those.

Animals Friends Croatia have advocated the castrations of dogs and cats to be financed from the state budget as well, as it has been recognized on the field that animals have been reproducing without control even before the earthquake and now as a result of the earthquake, many puppies and kittens have been left wandering throughout the area: „We have received a response from Ministry of Agriculture that castrations will not be financed, but citizens and animal shelter from the affected county which take care of abandoned animals may receive those services free of charge; therefore, costs of microchipping, vaccination, and treatment for all dogs on the area affected by the earthquake, will be covered.“

They also bring to attention how organizations for animal protection as well as volunteers – despite the absence of any legal obligation – have been the first ones who came to the field after the earthquake and brought hundreds of tones of food, therefore, saved an enormous number of animals where most of the dogs have not been microchipped. They have carried out a great financial burden which will not be compensated to them, and they as well have vaccinated, microchipped, and castrated animals and therefore are searching for new and permanent homes for them.

They highlight that, by a project initiated with a help of their donors – a project which animal shelter Friends from akovec have established – all guardians of dogs and cats from the affected areas may castrate their animals free of charge and with the arrangement with veterinary ambulances in towns of Petrinja and Sisak. Terms for castrations need to be previously arranged by calling this number: 099 4800 640, and the number is also available for those who would like to improve the conditions for keeping animals or wish to receive a doghouse or to even re-foster them if they do not have conditions necessary for guardianship and care.

There are still not sufficient donations as the needs are truly high. Therefore, all those able to help are invited to make a donation onto the bank account of Animals and nature friends akovec: HR7823400091511112646, a model of payment: 02, reference: 888, payment purpose: Donation for castration program ( in Croatian: Donacija za program kastracija ).

Animals Friends Croatia is highlighting the importance of veterinary inspection to visit households as soon as possible and to instruct animal owners to vaccinate their dogs free of charge if they failed to do so by now. Inspection is obliged to remind dogs and cats owners of their legal obligation of taking care of cubs of their pets, and has the authority to order a castration for pets should they determine that owners failed to follow this obligation.

Animals Friends Croatia also remind us of the necessity – and not only on the area affected by the earthquake but as well throughout the whole of Croatia – for all local communities to respect their legal obligations and to enforce detailed controls and inspections on the subject of all dogs living on the area of their community, to be microchipped, as this is the only way to determine a dog's owner, as well as to finance castrations for dogs and cats as a necessary and effective measure of decreasing the number of abandoned animals.

„With the already enormous number of abandoned animals, now we also have those from areas affected by the earthquake. We call upon those who have conditions for taking care and foster animal, not to buy them, but to foster and adopt them“ – concludes Animals Friends Croatia.

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