05/31/21 Animal Friends Croatia invites you to celebrate Plant Based Burger Day

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A different kind of burgers for a different kind of world

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- Plant-based burgers will also be available at VegeSajm on June 15th, 2021. in Zagreb town center

Plant-Based Burger Day is being marked on the 5th of June, and its goal is to promote burgers and other plant-based products that can save the world due to their innovative, nutritionally valuable and environmentally sustainable ingredients. Animal Friends Croatia invites restaurants, companies, fast food chains, importers and producers to mark the Plant-Based Burger Day by introducing the sale of plant-based burgers, promoting them, offering tastings, sales promotions, recipes and informing about their benefits. Citizens are encouraged to find their favorite vegan burger which they will like or to make their own plant-based burger with the help of one of the many recipes available.

They note that plant-based burgers are a better option for the environment and the fight against climate change, taking into account the fact that the production of only one meat burger requires more than 2,000 liters of water, while the production of plant-based burgers requires 150 liters of water. Besides water, the production of plant-based burgers requires less land, and countless animal lives are saved each year. Plant-based burgers are full of protein, fiber and other nutrients and are cholesterol-free, which is why they are a much healthier variant. A great advantage of most plant-based alternatives is that they are easy to prepare and there is no fear of salmonellosis and trichinosis.

There are many types of plant-based burgers, and some are incredibly reminiscent of meat burgers with their taste, smell, texture and color, and they can even "bleed". They can imitate various types of animal meat, without preservatives and artificial colors. The technology of their production is advancing even more every day, as well as their availability in shops and fast-food restaurants.

"Everyone who tried a vegan burger talks about their good experience many days after," says Animal Friends Croatia and invites everyone to join in the celebration of Plant-Based Burger Day and thus further contribute to the increasing popularity of this life-saving product.

A good opportunity for all who want to confirm this claim is the jubilee 10th VegeFair, which will be held on June 15th, 2021 from 8 AM to 8 PM on the Ban Jelačić Square in Zagreb, where plant-based burgers will be available, among many other interesting vegan culinary attractions.

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