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This February we launched a campaign Pay for spay to help with the spaying of dogs and cats in the areas affected by the earthquake last year.

This tragedy has shown just how hard it is not only for people living there but for the animals as well. Bad living conditions for the animals, many animals not castrated, neglected puppies and kittens showed that local communities are continually ignoring the law and are not controlling whether the dogs in their area are micro-chipped and if abandoned dogs and cats are castrated.

Our goal with this campaign is to raise funds for 1000 castrations, and we need help spreading information about the campaign. Every donation will be much appreciated and will bring us closer to our goal.

The campaign is led through our Animal Protection Network project, which brings together over 60 animal welfare associations in Croatia. The campaign will also put pressure on cities and municipalities to implement the Animal Welfare Act and finance the castration of owned dogs and cats, and raise public awareness of the importance of castration of dogs and cats.

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