03/24/22 11th VeggieFair on the June 14th

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The first announcement of a popular one-day oasis in the center of Zagreb

- Colorful selection of vegan products and street-food specialties on Ban Jelačić Square

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The 11th VeggieFair will be held on Tuesday, June 14, 2022, from 8 am to 8 pm on Zagreb's Ban Jelačić Square. Animal Friends, the organizers of this well-known interesting and educational event, are pleased with the fact that this year's VeggieFair will be held on Saturday, which is why they expect many visitors from other cities as well.

With this, just the first announcement, Animal Friends wants all those interested already to relate the date of June 11 with the 11th VeggieFair, where they will be able to enjoy a variety of offers and education on sustainable living and veganism. The organization is non-profit, and the goal of the VeggieFair is to bring closer all the benefits of a vegan diet through tastings, promotional sales, delicious products, and other products of numerous exhibitors with a positive atmosphere.

In addition to that, educational billboards will also help everyone to learn about the benefits of plant-based diets on individual health, the environment, biodiversity, the fight against climate change, and the reduction of world hunger; and visitors will also be able to find out how many animals are saved by choosing plant foods and a vegan lifestyle, by reading texts on the billboards.

Many of the products that the exhibitors will present carry a recognizable V-label that further attracts consumers with its guarantee that it is a completely plant-based product, regardless of their diet. Among such products, you will certainly find new burgers, sausages, salami, spreads, cheeses, milk, and various desserts that do not harm the climate or the environment, people or their health, but no animals as well.

"Book June 14th for the 11th VeggieFair, and we will do our best to turn the heart of Zagreb green and scent it up so much that it will be talked about for a long time. All the way to the ZeGeVege festival”, said Animal Friends in their first call.

At www.prijatelji-zivotinja.hr and the Facebook event, all those interested can follow how the organization of the 11th VeggieFair is progressing and what Animal Friends will prepare for June 14.

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