An Essay by the Eight-Graders from Virovitica

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My name is Danijel Pavlovic. I am an 8th grader in Primary School "Virovitica." All schoolmates from my class, including our teacher, have become members of the animal protection organization "Sapa." We all like animals very much. One day our teacher said there was an abandoned shaggy puppy in our organization. I asked my parents and, the following day, told everyone at school that I would give that puppy a home. He has been with me for 6 months already and every day I like him more and more. As soon as I come from school, I run to him to say hello. After lunch we are together again. He sits by my side while I'm doing my homework and waits for me patiently. In our class we all like animals. Last fall we made feeding cups for birds in our school playground. In our school garden we have a hedgehog, and often dogs from the neighbourhood come to visit. Then we cuddle and play with them.

Danijel Pavlovic

I was sitting in my garden when I heard a cat's voice coming from a bush by the house. I cautiously approached the bush and saw a little white kitty. She was skinny and hungry. I took her in the house and gave her milk in a container I had made by cutting a plastic bottle. I made her a resting place in a box. I left her and went to play. When I came back, she wasn't there anymore. I looked for her hard, but it was in vein. The following day I heard a cat's voice again. I knew she was hungry. I brought her to the house again, but this time she stayed, and she became very dear to me. The cat is now grown up, but she still likes to play and cuddle. I like her very much and wouldn't give it to anyone.

Tomislav Juhas

My name is Tomislav and I live in the country. My parents have a barn in which they keep their cattle. There are swallows living in it, too. They have made five nests and they come back every year. One day I saw a swallow on a road in front of my house trying to fly. She couldn't fly because of a broken wing. I gently lifted her up and placed her in her nest. After few days the swallow got better and flew away.

Tomislav Stefovic

My name is Suzana. I am an 8th grader. We, 8th graders, collect paper. Our teacher explained that by doing that we will save trees, which are homes to birds, bugs and all other animals. Visiting the trees in a park and the school garden we saw how many animals call it their home. That encouraged us to collect even more paper.

Suzana Baltic

I collect paper at school. By collecting paper I help many animals to have a home of their own. Everybody likes to have his home, and I am happy to have it, too. The more paper we collect, the more forrests we will preserve.

Dinko Stanic

My name is Ivancica. I am an 8th grader. When I come back from school, I have lunch and go out with my friends to play. One day I saw some boys beating a little puppy. They hit him with fists, and he cried painfully. Hearing him, I forgot my fears and ran into the crowd. They didn't know what hit them, and I already ran away with the puppy. I brought him home, fed him and talked my mother into keeping him. He is still with me. His name is Reks and I like him very much.

Ivancica Nikter

My name is Ivan and I am 15 years old. At home we feed rabbits. I like them a lot, I feed them and watch that nothing happens to them. Now there are baby rabbits and I don't touch them, because their mother would leave them and they would die. That is why you should look after your animals, because if you love them, they will love you back.

Ivan Brdaric

In our school's neighbourhood there was a puppy that I liked very much. Every day after school, before my bus arrives, I would run to the puppy and play with him for a while. The puppy's owner didn't have time for him, so he gave it to me as a gift. With my friends' help I put him in a carton box and we went on a trip. I live far from school and we traveled long, but that didn't bother my puppy. He was quiet and still all the way. The next day my father helped me make a kennel for him. Every day he sees me off and awaits my return. That way we both are happy.

Matija Busljeta

I would often hear that a dog is a man's best friend, so I wanted to have such a friend. One day my friend and I were looking for mushrooms in a forrest when we heard a weak squeeking sound. We both went toward that sound and found two abandoned puppies. We were very happy. Each took one of the puppies and brought them home. We made a deal that we would keep them and take care of them. I named my dog Bleki and he is my big playing friend.

Rifat Skrebic

Some time ago, while walking through Virovitica, I saw a wounded pidgeon. It was in the vicinity of the church. I remembered that many pidgeons live on a church loft and in neighboring houses. I entered a shop and asked for an empty box. I put the pidgeon in it and brought it to my aunt's place where I live. We took care after him and fed until he recovered. Then we set him free.

Pero Milasin

My name is Zoran. I live in a village near Virovitica. We have a big garden full of trees. There are many birds living in the trees. When it becomes very cold, we make feeding cups and hang them on trees. That is why birds sing to us all summer. They are not afraid of us. We can play a lot, and they will stay on the trees.

Zoran Pokrivka

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