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Golden Drops of Bare Truths

PETA's Animal Times
"Most popular woman designer, Donna Karan, is one of the major designers in a row to drop fur. Other distinguished designers who dropped fur are: Giorgio Armani/Bill Blass/ Carolina Herrera/Oleg Cassini/Christian Lacroix/Calvin Klein/ Anne Klein/Gianni Versace/dozens more!!! They all now recognize that fur carries a social liability... and the list just keeps growing!!!"

The Fur-Bearers
"A beautiful fur-bearing animal: racing with the wind, romping with her young, gentle yet strong, courageous, and indeed a thing of great beauty... tomorrow: she will lie torn in a twisted heap, caught in the unyielding jaws of a leg-hold trap. In agony she will die there/slowly/alone/helpless/hungry/terrified!!!"

Charles Darwin (1863)
"Few men could endure to watch for 5 minutes an animal struggling in a trap with a crushed and torn limb... Some who reflect upon this subject for the first time will wonder how such cruelty can have been permitted to continue in these days of civilization."

Adela P.
"Wearing fur garments nowadays is grossly ignorant or brutal! It promotes an industry that, in the wild, traps animals in steel-jaw leghold traps who suffer slow/agonizing deaths. Some desperately chew off their legs to escape, especially mothers eager to nurse their babies! (To avoid this they use traps that jerk the animals up in the air unable to escape, or place them in or near water so their escape ends in drowning!). They freeze, or burn under a hot sun, and/or are helplessly attacked by predators... to death. Survivors are stomped/bludgeoned/ strangled/drowned or beat up to death by the trappers to avoid staining their fur! Millions of domestic animals: dogs/birds/cats/ rabbits/squirrels get trapped too and these they call 'trash'/leave them to long/ agonizing deaths!!!... AND... ranch-raised fur animals suffer hideous deaths: by gassing, electrocution, strangling, suffocation, tongues cut off, tongues stuck to frozen metals to keep them hanging, red hot iron rods thrust up their anuses... after a long existence in tiny, filthy cages in fur farms!"

Adela P.
"Wool: Without human interference sheep grow normal wool to protect themselves from weather extremes. But humans manipulate them to produce excessively wrinkled skin which means more wool. This unnatural wool overload causes hundreds of thousands of sheep to die of exposure to heat/cold. Shorn sheep are more sensitive to cold than humans! They are violently pinned down cutting skin/flesh because shearers are paid by volume so they work quickly/carelessly! A witness: 'I've seen sheep with half their faces shorn off/punched with shears/fists until their noses bled!' Also computer machines clamp the terrified sheep's body and face, which doesn't recognize teats/other body protrusions! Horrors done without anesthesia: mulesing/teeth grinding/ castrating males/chopping tails off/more!!! MULESING: Barbarous operation: in shock/ pain little lambs made to endure crudely deep carving of huge strips off their flesh under their tails with shears, as their solution to the deliberately produced excess wool which attracts blow-flies ruining the wool!!! It takes up to 6 painful weeks to heal... if no infection! They lie immobile for days/take tiny steps but fall down/writhing/scuttling sideways like crabs from such intense pain! AGING SHEEP: Gagged/restrained/battery-operated device grinds down their teeth...without anesthesia! PLENTY GOOD REPLACEMENTS TO WOOL AND SHEEPSKIN are: cheaper/lighter-weight/faster-drying/warmer/non-allergic!"

Factsheet No. 10 (PETA)
"Down: Plucked feathers of geese/ostriches/ducks/others. White geese are plucked repeatedly for filling comforters/ski parkas/ garments. It causes tremendous pain/stress. It's done many times in their lives. They squirm as the plucker tears out their feathers. He may pluck up to 100 birds a day! Birds have 5 weeks to grow more feathers before they go thru a plucking machine... then thrown to slaughter! Dawn has drawbacks as a cold-weather insulator that synthetic insulators don't have: Down is expensive/loses its insulating ability when wet, whereas cruelty-free/synthetic fillers are retained in all weather."

Adela P.
"What??? OK to use leather since animals are already killed??? It is vandalism of the worst kind! Abusing the abused! Raping/ looting from others' tragedies. 'Nature is cruel to animals too' it's said as an excuse. So they want to ADD to their misery by promoting/perpetuating their holocaust market!!!"

CONTACT Magazine
"Leather is Shaved Fur!"

"Who's Who... in your shoes/belts/bags/other??? A steer who spent his short life on a barren feedlot/a dairy cow who, after 4 days of repeated, forcible impregnation, was too depleted to be profitable? Her son, a veal calf, who never knew anything but the inside of a crate? Or a horse/crocodile/snake/kangaroo/ turtle/ostrich/zebra, and/or other endangered (or not) species??? N O T E: MEAT PROFITS DEPEND HEAVILY ON SALE OF LEATHER!!!"

Factsheet No. 10 (PETA)
"Silk: It's the fiber silkworms weave to make cocoons. Silk producers boil the worms alive in their cocoons. Worms are sensate - they produce endorphins, a physical response to pain - and anyone who has seen worms scramble when their dark homes are uncovered recognizes this. GOOD REPLACEMENTS include nylon/milkweed seed pod fibers/silk-cotton tree/ceiba tree filaments/rayon."

"Leather tanneries use dangerous substances against our environment: formaldehyde/coal tar derivatives/dyes/lead/ cyanide-based finishes, contaminating the ground water of residents around the tanneries which also carry lime sludge/ sulfides/hairs/acids... The Centers for Disease Control found the incidence of leukemia among residents near one tannery in Kentucky 5 times the national average. Vanderbilt University found increased liver diseases/ cancers/ gastrointestinal illnesses among residents near another tannery!!!"

"The other costs of fur: Best estimates say that it takes almost twice as much energy to make one fur coat from the pelts of trapped animals as it does to make a fake fur, and that to make one coat from ranched animals' skins takes almost 20 times more energy!!!"

Concern for Helping Animals in Israel
"Tel Aviv Chief Sephardic Rabbi Chaim David Halevi's April 1992 verdict that Jewish law prohibits wearing or manufacturing fur garments, has received the ringing endorsement of a second world-recognized expert. 'I hereby wish to make it clear that I, former Chief Rabbi of Ireland and now resident of Jerusalem, wholeheartedly support Chief Rabbi Chaim David Halevi's responsum on the question of fur trading,' wrote recently Rabbi David Rosen, Dean of the Saput Center for Jewish Education at the Jerusalem Center for Near East Studies, and prior to his appointment in Ireland was Rabbi of the largest Orthodox congregation in South Africa, as well as a member of the Beth Din religious Court."

Albert Einstein
"A fashion rules each age, without most people being able to see the tyrants that rule them."

Friends of Animals-NYC
"Over 40 Anglican bishops have made statements against buying/wearing fur in the book 'Cruelty and Christian Conscience'. Professor Andrew Linzey states in his introductory chapter 'The Christian Case Against Cruelty', '... it can never be possible to profess Christ and inflict cruelty on any living being.' Included in the book are the Archbishop of Wales, the Bishop of Edinburgh, the Bishop of London, and the Bishop of Salisbury."

Adela P.
"Experience showed me it is much better NOT to wear imitation fur/leather etc. as the public gets the wrong message 'it's back', 'it's ok to wear the real thing'. It's not difficult to find no-imitation replacements for jackets/ coats/boots. I found great walking shoes in black strong canvas, well fitting/attractive, for the semi-warm season in one of those cheap stores. And at Payless/other I found semi dress & dress shoes for all seasons made of vynil imitating fabric (which only needs cleaning with a damp cloth) in different colors! Where there's a will..."

Friends of Animals
"You can live without fur - the animals cannot!"

Betsy Swart, Friends of Animals
"Even death doesn't come easy on a fur farm! No humane slaughter laws, so farmers use hideous killing methods that don't damage the animals' pelts but cause excruciating pain. Small animals are killed in makeshift boxes pumped with hot/unfiltered engine exhaust. They may be still alive when the hose is turned off, and wake up while being skinned! They may be killed by anal electrocution (insertion of a red-hot metal rod into the anus), in decompression chambers or by breaking their neck bones!" (Quoted in The Animals' Agenda)

Roger Caras
"What the drug traffic is to the human race, the fur trade is to the animal kingdom. We don't have to choose between them. We can hate and fight both the drug racket AND the fur industry. Workers in both fields will have to develop new skills." (Answering the fur industry's cries of "ruination" because of boycotts)

Jianisse Moeslinger, Miss New York State Teen Queen 1998-1999 at age 17!
"I don't think my generation will turn into a fur-wearing one. I think we've had an opportunity to learn more than our parents did abut animal suffering, preserving the environment, and what all of us can do to make a difference." (In her letter to Friends of Animals)

Doris Day
"Killing an animal to make a coat is a sin. It wasn't meant to be and we have no right to do it. A woman gains status when she refuses to see anything killed to be put on her back. Then she's truly beautiful!" (Newspaper interview)

John Hecimovic, attacker of the Zagreb hockey team Medvescak
Since I cannot play because of the injury, suddenly I noticed on the other side of the grandstands this large banner (Animal Friends Adore Bears) which totally surprised me! Then my friends explained the context and I was really happy! I am really glad to see that we are in some way helping the actions against animal abuse and torture. I hope that we will succeed.

GOLDEN DROPS OF BARE TRUTHS collected by Adela Pisarevsky

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