The New Vegan

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by Amanda Grant

Metro Books, London, 1999

Forget the traditional image of vegan food – Amanda Grant will show you how vegan recipes can be fun, fashionable – and absolutely delicious!

A vegan diet based on a wonderful variety of vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains and pulses, seasoned with fresh herbs and exotic spices. It is a diet that avoids all meat, fish, pultry, dairy products, and all animal by-products; with increasing public concern over the harmful effects of meat and dairy products – with outbreaks of salmonella, listeriosis, E. coli and human BSE hitting the headlines – vegan food provides a safe and nutritious alternative.

In Amanda Grant's hands, vegan food is also exciting and very tasty – she presents a wide range of quick and simple recipes, drawing on the continuously growing array of fresh vegan ingredients available in supermarkets and local shops – wasabi, seaweed, sake and couscous from Japan and Morocco, roast vegetables, polenta, focaccia and olive oil from the Mediterranean.

So whether you are a strict vegan, or simply want to incorporate some healthy vegan recipes into a balanced diet, this book will help you have more energy and feel great.

Amanda Grant is the young food editor of Cosmopolitan magazine; she has also appeared many times on television, including a regular slot on Channel 4's daytime cokery show, Here's One I Made Earlier. She is the author of the Cosmopolitan Vegetarian Cookbook.

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