11/27/06 Things You did not Know About Bryan Adams

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Vegan and animal friend

Without any doubt Bryan Adams is the most successful Canadian musician and worldwide famous rock-legend and he will perform in Osijek! Bryan Adams concert will be held in Hall Zrinjevac on November 27, 2006.

He is incredibly talented and incredibly popular in most countries around the world but when Bryan Adams started working in music, being "famous rock star" wasn't part of his plan. Nevertheless, Bryan Adams is little less famous for his compassion and advocating for the animals.

Bryan Adams is vegan for past 17 years, that is, he completely stopped eating dead creatures in 1989 and still persists in vegan lifestyle. At first people thought that it was just a fad, but after 10 years everyone realized that he will not go back to eating animals. Moreover, he used his knowledge about advantages of vegan diet, subtleness, and high ethics in the best way possible, he convinced his mother, brother and his band to switch to vegetarianism.

Bryan Adams can't stand seeing animals caged in small pens, such as animals in zoos, circuses or rodeos. When it comes to factory farming, such as hens in battery cages, pigs in cramped stalls, and cattle feedlots, he absolutely hates it. When he was asked about the particular area of animal exploitation that he finds particularly disturbing he answered: "Supermarkets. It's too easy for people to just pick up a piece of meat and have no idea that it was a living animal at one time."

Bryan claims that his health is much better after switching to vegan diet. He cured himself of many allergies that he thought were with him for his whole life, he never had a weight problem and he says that he definitely has more energy than most people he knows.

The idea off kissing someone after a big hamburger or someone that might have a chunk of cow stuck in their teeth is absolutely repulsive to him. He believes that the greatest gift is to have the choice to eat meat or not, and he wishes that he himself had had that choice as a child. But he has the knowledge now and one simple message about veganism and animal rights - if you love animals; don't eat them.

Bryan Adams does more than veganism to help animals. In the mid 90's he campaigned for the southern Antarctic Whale Sanctuary. 500,000 postcards were given out on his tour asking people to write to different heads of state to vote for the sanctuary. Right now he joined Sadie Frost in PETA campaign against fur: "I'm strongly against fur and all other forms of animal exploitation. I'm against the slaughter of any living being whether it was seal, cow, dog or some other animal."

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